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BC Steel

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Just got back to civilization (Seattle) after a day and a half in BC searching for - and finding BIG native steelhead on the fly. Many pictures and the details coming soon. Hard to imagine a more intense 1.5 days of fishing, thanks to Tyler's unequalled knowledge and inspiration combined with Brian's evangelism. Also hard to imagine a more eventful time in terms of the hookups, butt kickings and landings involving us and torpedo trout... not to mention the laughs and good company.

Still in Seattle base camp, but the stories and images will follow soon! I can say with complete confidence that they'll be worth the wait.
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Hey Bill -

Replying to the post I made from your house (now from my house) to say thanks. I made it on the plane and my luggage did too! Close one though. Thanks a yadabyte for taking the time to pick me up and drop me off not tom mention crashing at your place. Glad you banged three giant native BC steelhead - right in front of the veterans to boot!

CANT WAIT to see those photos. The images of those fish still linger in my mind but I will sure enjoy seeing them in living color.


<font size="1">photo: Juro Mukai</font><!--1--></center>
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Juro man, tell the story! How was the fishing? You're hinting that it was good. From what I'm told, Steelheading is like fishing for Atlantics. It's not the numbers but when you do connect, watch out. Blistering runs? Backing?

"Good" would be an understatement! I am waiting for same-day film delivery as we speak, the pictures will tell the tale like no words could. What I can say about it... INCREDIBLE.

I've already drafted the article and accompanying photo journal... coming soon.

Check back for images later.
I'm still shaking my head after getting back from this trip - seems like we visited a Steelhead Planet other than the one I'm familiar with.

I, too, am waiting for the pictures.

Thanks for comin' out, Juro - certainly Millenium steelheading to remember!
Awesome! Can't wait for the story. I'm glad you had such a good experience out there.

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