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Barnstable Harbor Bonanza

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Just returned from fishing incoming tide in Barnstable. From 1st cast till nearly the last (5-8 am), fish on pratically ever cast. Cookie cutters - 22-30" - and plentiful, as was the bait. Despite a bit of a chilly wind, absolutely beautiful morning.

Off to Maine for brookies & landlocks... Tight lines over the weekend all.
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Thanks Tod!

No doubt about it, the bayside it HOT. Since last weekend when the wind shifted south the area has been solid fish, probably from Sandwich all the way to Wellfleet.

For anyone thinking over weekend plans (potential lightning threat notwithstanding) the bayside flats would be a great afternoon prospect for the weekend. Given the weather targeting early morning and evening on incoming and high tides is the ticket but you'd need to stay off the flats of course if the forecasts are accurate.
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