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We have some folks from the region as well as folks who have visited the region on board. I've spoken via email with several businesses down there, and such a plan would be interesting I'm sure.

My hopes are to bail out on the misery of winter to visit the Bahamas with the wife, and sneak the bonefishing into the mornings and evenings around the mid-day island hopping with my "born to shop" wife.

Not sure how this would fit into a group 'clave' but then again the wife might not go for it despite sounding v-e-r-y interested when I discuss it between November and April.

As far as group dynamics, I know that in some cases a group of six clavers means the sponsor/organizer goes free. It was always my intent to reduce the claver's costs by one/sixth and leverage some advertising or web services to reduce rates for the group.

I have also talked to time-share folks who can get lodging for virtually nothing if you're willing to listen to a mid-day schpeel from the time-share sales person. Small price to pay for lodging in paradise and mornings free.

Anyway, if you're working something for the Bahamas, count me in - and let's discuss what the group dynamics can do for the adventurers.
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