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Atlantic Steelhead

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just thought you'd like to know that soon there will be an article about steelhead from the ASE (as opposed to the PNW). I'm working together with a friend from Patagonia to bring this piece to the Forum. There's some awesome stuff in there. Stay tuned...

Here's a peek:

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You have my interest. I'm real curious to know which river or rivers you might be talking about. I hope you mean sea run steelhead. Looking forward to the post.

Jay C.
>I hope you mean sea run steelhead. Looking forward
>to the post.

Hi Jay:
Absolutely. Sea run steelhead that go out to the atlantic ocean in south america. Another week or two and the piece will be out... I have to translate it. Awesome place and fish.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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