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Tippet and leaders are a wacky, confusing part of fly fishing and I see the bewilderment in my clients' eyes when I am guiding on the river. To help alleviate some of complication, I typed up three articles on my blog that answer questions such as:
  • What is tippet? What is the difference between nylon, fluorocarbon, and copolymer/mulitpolymer tippet? And how do you know which tippet to buy?
  • Why do you even need to buy tippet?
  • Does tippet expire/go bad?
  • What's the difference between the tippet and the leader?
  • What are tippet sizes and tippet spools?
  • How do you choose the right tippet size for your fly pattern? And how do you add tippet to a leader or modify/change the tippet on a leader?
  • What knot do you use to add tippet to a leader?
So, feel free to nerd out with me and read:
Part 1, An In-Depth Guide to Fly Fishing Tippet
Part 2, Choosing the Right Tippet Size for Your Fly and How to Modify Tippet on Your Leader
And, Does Fly Fishing Tippet Expire?

Hope those how-to articles provide some clarity and understanding for any anglers new to fly fishing.

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