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Hey ya'll,,,
just like the tittle says, are there any fishing game apps for the phone (android) that you would recommend?
If it's good I don't mind paying for it, so it doesn't have to be free).

I am asking because I have finally made my son interested in the hobby, he is autistic and prefers to be by himself with our dog. But for the past few weeks he has been going with me out for fishing and hiking. Now I am interested in games that could keep him entertained on weekdays and which keep the interest.

Also, on the same subject, any games for the math and science learning? Again, the wife and I try to keep our son Lucas (6 grade) with good material for him to learn and don't fall behind (the wife is very hands on on these matters but since I am here I thought on asking)... right now I see they have an app that it's all about math homework help on the phone with a pug just like our dog, my wife found it and it's perfect because Lucas LOVES his Puggy, and the app does have a "Puggy" as mascot! (Our dog's name is Albert, but Lucas has called him Puggy ever since he was little).

So any other math help app, or game that is good for kids and helps them in a fun way to reason concepts and problems? ... that would be cool too.

Anyway, have an awesome day guys.
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