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On my spare time last winter I followed my other pursuit (music) and did not do much tying. So I've been doing some tying on an "as needed" basis latley.
I recently had some success on a mackeral like deceiver using a metal nose cone to get down to the strike zone (you flats guys wouldn't understand). On the top I used the green Jurofibre (from the deep eels;-) and colored them with black perm marker. I got a good response from the stripers on it on an otherwise dead day.
Also, I've been tying some Deep Eels just to keep the stock full.


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I've been tying on an as needed basis also. Currently I'm playing arround with various clouser variants mostly inspired by Kenny Abrames bucktail variations. The "Rays Fly" clouser did well for me a coupe of weeks ago. If you think about the bonefish flats and Crazy Charlies (basicaly a miniature clouser style fly) and apply the ideas to sandeels, silversides etc it opens up a whole world of experimentation.

I've been coming up with color combinations which blend in more with the bottom colors and look less like neon signs in shallow water. The other variable is sink rate / eye size. I'm looking forward to trying them out on my next trip to the Chatham flats!
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