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Any word on the Wenatchee?

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This PI article implies a decision may have been made, or is pending...

Anybody hear anything on it?
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I've heard that the WDFW has approved a fishery, but because of the endangered species listing of upper Columbia trib wild steelhead the NMFS has to approve and they've been sitting on it.

Ryan - is your ear still to the wall on this one?
I just read that in the Seattle Times and I cam over specifically to report on the article.

I havent heard anything lately as my hopes dwindled as October wore on. The article states that the Wenatchee and Entiat would not be open for steelhead. From my understanding, the hatchery fish returning tothe Wenatchee this summer were not all fish in the river have an adipose. Could this play anything into the decision??

But the article made it seem that the Methow, Okanoghan and other tribs in that area might open to steelhead but that wouldnt take place 'till the first of the year.
From my understanding-what my semi-inside buddy was telling me was that because the Wenatchee had no makred fish returning to the Wenatchee this summer, there wouldnt not be a season. He also said that the WDFW made propsosals to NMFS to open up all the Upper Columbia tribs. So if the article is correct, NMFS is the one who made the decision not to open the Columbia. But it sounds like the Methow and others will be open, around the first of the year.

He also told me that next year, marked fish will again be returning to the Wenatchee...and when they closed the rivers a few back, didnt they say that we would get our fishery back sometime not too far down the road??

I'm keeping my fingers crossed but not getting my hopes up like I did this year... :(

BTW-Juro, if I hit that damn cancel button one more time, Im going to go NUTS!!!!
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I've never hit the cancel by accident but I'll see if I can move it to the other side of Spell Check...
I havent done it till a couple days ago and its been a couple times. Its frustating because what you write the second time nevers comes out how it did the first time around.
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