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Additional thoughts... clave stuff

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Our spring clave meister will be heading down to the Chatham Angler's Club in a couple of hours so I will hold the torch until I head down tomorrow afternoon myself. I am sure there will be a good scout report from Jeff, John, Bob Pink Jr, Jimmy, Adrian, and others who will be on patrol tomorrow while the rest of us close out the work week.

Fly for the clavemeister:
Many of you have expressed the desire to reward our meister with a token of appreciation - I can think of no better way than to shower him with flies at the start of a season! Please bring a special fly to offer to our meister. The Forum will provide something to put the flies into as a way of saying "thanks Jeff".

Although we'll consolidate the meal costs it would be great if people could bring some 'tizers for tween times.

Water jugs:
Those two-gallon spring water fridge inserts would allow us to refill our bottles for vest and chest packs to reduce cost and unnecessary litter in an already polluted world. We only need a few, I will bring one.

Sleeping bags:
Although not mandatory it would help to bring sleeping bags if you are staying at the Anchorage - not that you'll need them but this makes things more flexible about where/who stays and also lets the management not have to double up the linen costs because we have a shift change from Friday to Saturday. I'd like to extend as much of our good will as possible in case we want to make this an annual thing.

The units apparently have fireplaces and so if anyone has a seasoned wood pile and wants to volunteer to bring some please post here. We are only talking about an evening's worth of logs per unit if applicable.

Saturday Dinner:
Please try to attend the Saturday night social. It will be a great time to chat about the day, tie some flies, and meet some of the great people we have on board, and plan for Sunday morning's fishing. We will be drawing some of the remaining raffle winners to close out that pre-season fund raising activity and will announce the winners on the site afterwards. (BTW - it's not tool late to get a few extra tickets in your favorite item!).

Last but not least -

At the risk of sounding like I am complaining when I'm not - this site has a tendency to be a lot of work. Many have acknowledged through their participation and contributions, in fact without the help there would simply not be a Flyfishing Forum. I apologize that I can not turn around some of the articles and other projects faster but it's about my limit while juggling family, dotcom day job, and a bit of fishing here and there ;D My point is, despite any amount of effort that may be involved, I can honestly say that with every event we celebrate, with every new member who joins, with every new level of success someone achieves through the power of community - it's worth a thousand times the effort.

Someday I hope we can look back on these times and say "man, those were the days!". And in fact they are.

See you at the Anchorage!
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Thanks Juro and Roop for all the efforts. I'll bring some water and a few pieces of firewood.

How many times have you heard people reminisce, and say "Those were the good old days"?

Well, these ARE the good old days! Let's fish!!
I'm off to Dennis and out of touch. Ditto on the thanks to Juro and Roop. I'll see the scouts on the causeway tomorrow.

Fred A.
Bill - I will call you to coordinate the Nauset oversand expedition. I think Sean and Harry will be likely to chaperone as well.

Fred - wish I were too! Good luck. My plan would be to shoot over to the ocean side for the top of the tide and hit the inside for the drop. Your results may vary.
Surf has been up big time along the North Shore due to that low pressure center that was parked out there. Talk to Harry or Sean about the surfside condtions before committing to an OSV event.
Thanks Bob - good advice, as always. I chatted with Sean last night and he was not too excited about what's been happening out there... although the grip is supposed to be loosened and the weekend is supposed to be much better.

I was thinking take a look along the Nauset beachfront and heading down to Chatham Inlet if things didn't look good. Although the NE winds should be over with already, the inlet should be very fishable with the exception of the potential of a lot of crapola in the water. I spied that gut that formed at the end of the spit over the winter and it looked v-e-r-y fishy when the tides are right, or in the mornings and evenings when Pleasant Bay is dumping tide.

Frankly, with a morning tide and the wind coming the way it has I think a dawn patrol on my 'home water' along the south Nantucket Sound river mouths would be as productive as anything out there this weekend. This is the time of the season (along with fall) when those drive-up jetties and river outlets host streams of linesiders hustling by on their northward trek.... but that's just too easy! ;-)

Good luck tomorrow, I will look for a report with bated breath.
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I'm in Orleans. Scouted Nauset, over sand, for about an hour - until dark. From the lot down to the #7 turn. Was there at high tide. BIG surf. Clear water - no weed. 6 foot crashing waves with big spray. Absolutely spectacular. Saw two other people on the whole stretch. I have no idea how fish survive in that wash - but I guess they do! Would be great if Harry and/ or Sean could join us. Can't get any better expertise than that.
To Bob's point, we should be wary of an OSV excursion to the big beaches unless the surf lays down over the next 24-36 hours. The current weather prediction is favorable for that HERE but one never knows, the wind is supposed to shift E/NE again on Sat (except in Chatham above).

If the surf stays up, such a sortie would have to target the Chatham Inlet (south) end on the flood and start of ebb, which ain't too shabby either. Many of those fish Randy was spottin' are turning into the Pleasant Bay system.

Alternatively, the southside river mouths will be productive; as will joining the Rip Ryder crew (I know Terry, I know ;-))

So given the wind, surf and tide the Sat AM options (which we will discuss at the Anchorage) include: Chatham Inlet from Nauset, Southside shuffle, Head of the Meadow, Pamet R, or join the gang for a massive attack on the general Monomoy area.

Sat PM options include: Brewster Flats on the drop, South Beach inside on the drop, southside river mouths on the outgoing flow, Big girl, Chatham Inlet from Nauset on the drop, or an excursion out to the channel with Fishhawk right in front of the cabins while we prepare dinner.

Of course the scouts may uncover a whole new strategy based on evidence rather than conjecture - and who knows what Saturday's follies will determine for Sunday!
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Clave Attendees,

Just so that we can coordinate and stay on the same page I want the posse to know that my Dad (Jim Doogue) and I will be arriving at the Anchorage tomorrow night around 7:30 PM. We will have the libations that my brother so generously donated to all Forum members in tow. I will also have all the ingredients necessary to make peanut butter and banana burritos. These will make for great fuel for anybody headed out on the Rip Ryder on Saturday. Tuck one of these squish proof treasures into your chest pack and you will not be disappointed when the mid-morning hungries attack.

As for my plans for Saturday morning I am not certain what spots my Dad and I will target. I would love to hop on the Rip Ryder and head out for the morning sortie but I am not ready to commit to that trip just yet...although I am strongly leaning towards that trip if we haven't maxed out Keith's boat. I would love to fish the Brewster Flats on Saturday afternoon.

On a related note, I will be stopping by Hunters Angling Supplies in New Boston, NH tomorrow. I need some tying materials and some new ideas for a squid fly. If anyone needs a few last minute items from a fly shop then please feel free to e-mail me with your requests.

See you all this weekend.

-Mike Doogue
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Fishing in front of Anchorage sounds good. If I get off the water in time I would guide that event. We need a dead low which I think is about 4:)0.
The window is quite small and for saftey sake we must get back to shore before the tide really comes in.
juro (05-17-2001 10:25 p.m.):

Alternatively, the southside river mouths will be productive; as will joining the Rip Ryder crew (I know Terry, I know ;-))
Ahem....Good luck guys, have a good one, remember the force of Bass R. last year is with you.
Juro, whens the next Monomoy Clave? :p

Sorry you couldn't make it Terry. Yes, last year's Bass R. clave was really a great time. I was great fishing off your boat like we were on a Florida inlet picking out the structure in the lower river and scoring on almost every call we made. It was, like this one, the grand kick-off event for the season.

Likewise, when is the North Shore clave? ;D
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