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Adding a 10wt belly improved casting

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Hey guys, thanks a million for being such great hosts on my visit last week. I owe ya when (not if) you visit the northeast for some stripah!

Just wanted to comment on the addition of a 10ft section of 10wt DT belly to the end of my Spey head before the sinktip after I fished with most of you and the improvement it made. I like the short compact Spey head casting stroke for it's ease, but even the 10' less stripping between casts made a difference. It also opened up the stroke a little giving it more of a long belly feel. The few spiral rolls I tried (which were impossible with a short head) worked a lot better with the extension.

I'll be trying the accellerator formula per our discussions in the near future, and plan to do some Spey casting next weekend if things work out. (Jay - will call you tonight)


An AWESOME crew in the pacific northwest!</center>
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So the final tally is How Many total feet of head are we talking? I'm guessing you started with about 30' and have extended it to 40'? I've gotta agree - any lessening of the stripping (and reducing the coils of running line) is a big bonus. Plus the freedom of making a larger casting motion while forming the D-loop and still maintaining the "set" of the line in the water is an added attraction.

BTW, I'm just now about to buy that line you had in your hand at the Quality Fly Shop - the Accelerator 10/11. I'm told by Dennis Worley that it's quite a bit heavier than the 10/11 Triangle Taper (which is what I'm using now on the T&T).

The rivers are ~up~ out here - Sky is flowing at 4200cfs, which is over twice the volume we floated at on Friday. Nobody's hit any lately, and a report from Scott ODonnell surfaced recently that his clients have only gotten 4 Sauk/Skagit Steelhead to the beach this spring! The talk out here is of what needs to be done to help these ailing runs and I still can't get the # of chrome native steelhead we witnessed being "harvested" on the lower Hoh out of my mind. One thing about Stripers - you Northeasterners seem to have settled on an acceptable management strategy for sustaining the health of that fishery. Can't say the same for our PNW group and our Salmon and Steelhead.
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Forgot to mention - GREAT PICTURE!! Is that Bill or me in the center?
Forgot to mention - GREAT PICTURE!! Is that Bill or me in the center?

The Wulff TT 10/11 with the 70 ft taper comes in around 960 gr. Jump up to the 80ft taper and you bump way up to 1200 gr. The rio Accel comes in at 1000gr. We are not talking huge differences between the short TT and the Accel, however the long TT is another story. Next time we get together remind me and I'll bring a 10/11 accel for you to try before you buy type thing.



Rio is coming out with a 35' midsection to replace the standard 15' piece on their Windcutter lines. This would lengthen the Windcutter "head" from 54' out to a more Accelerator like 74'. Apparently they will be in stores in the fall but you can pick one up from them for 25 bones.

I am tempted to pick one up for the 9140 but think that would be too much line for the 9-10-11 that I am fishing currently. However, the long midsection and the new 8-9-10 might be a sweet setup.

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed our impromtu "clave" and meeting yourself, Bill and Duggan as well, thanks to Brian for inviting me. I have especially enjoyed being reminded of my spectacular physique in your picture at the Sultan launch (I now remember why I really switched from skintight neoprenes to breathables)! I truly hope that you can time your fall trip the wet coast in October so we can get you into the Martini bar up on the Thompson! Tight lines - tyler.
It was awesome meeting you and the PNW gang and I hope to be able to see the 'merican inspiration for your boobie patterns too
) Keep me posted as the season progresses - particularly the Langara season!


BTW - Brian, I think that's you in the middle!
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> It was awesome meeting you and the PNW gang and I hope to
> be able to see the 'merican inspiration for your boobie
> patterns too As they say, the crack of dawn needs to be
> careful...

OOOPS! I meant the Canadian, not 'merican inspiration... don't tell the ol' Coot from Spences ([email protected] joke) I said that!

<font size="1">By the way I hope I am not confusing discussions we had about a barmaid and a hotspot on the Thompson! (Sleep deprivation does funny things to the memory) I remember you were showing me the "D cup" version of the English boobie fly pattern you tied and suddenly you and Brian would start talking about a certain barmaid from the Thompson. Whether Martini Bar is a legendary gravel bar on the scenic Thompson or a bar with scenery of legends near the Thompson, sounds good to me!</font><!--1-->
Sounds like we gave Juro a little to much to think about on his flight home! <g>

Speaking of "is my wife reading this" MY wife was reading this over my shoulder and I had to explain who the Chest Beast was... No matter she's cool. As far as early September goes it is a bit too early for steelhead in the Thompson, there will be some good trout fishing available then - big stoneflies are the ticket. Its not usually my thing but it can be exciting.

You are going over to Vancouver Island in late August? I'm assuming that you are going to the Stamp to fish summer steelhead - cool. I'm also assuming that this is a bit of a pilgrimage and ode to Haig-Brown and as such you won't be disappointed with few fish being caught. You may even want to take one of your sawed-off speyrods and some 20 lb tippet and see if you can catch a big ole chinook in the Stamp - in normal years there are lots. However, this year there are grave concerns with all the West Coast Van Isle rivers due to massive mackeral predation during the El Nino years. I don't know the predictions for steelhead - but they are not good for salmon. I would do some serious checking before making the haul over there and possibly wasting your valuabe trip time. Anyway, we'll keep you posted - tight lines - tyler.
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