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A Way into Sunset Falls??

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The Stilly has been putting out some fish but with the low water and the masses of people that have congretated on the lower North Fork, I have decided to pursue a long time goal of mine: Get to know the South Fork Sky.

I have yet to hear of them trucking any steelies around Sunset Falls but an inside informat has told me that lower Sout Fork Sky right below the falls (below the 500' closure) can be gangbusters in mid to late July for steelies.

Earlier in the year I drove the Mt. Index road but that turns into private property before the falls. I walked down to the river after I parked at the deadline and found some decent water but I still believe I was a mile to a mile and a half below the falls. I drove around the Hwy 2 stretch but coulndt find any definded way into the falls area.

Does anyone know of a way into the falls? I am wondering if I can follow the train tracks down as there is a trestle right above the falls but the north side of the river is extremelly steeped bank.

Thanks!! And if anyone is intrested in doing some exploring above the falls when the trucking begins, let me know. It is also a fairly easy float from what I have turned from above Skykomish all the way down to Barclay Creek. Just dont do a 'Special' and miss your takeout!!!
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Well I just went ahead and trespassed but to my surprise, no one bothered me and I got many waves from people. I just drove slow, kept my music down and waved to every passing car.

I didnt manage to hook anything though. If they have just recently trucked fish I think I might have to give it another couple weeks to wait for another push of fish to hold. Or maybe I just couldn't hook was there.

I did talk to a buddy of mine and he got 3 above the falls. SHHHHHH!!! I know where I am going my days off next week!!

I am totally up for it. Stay in contact.
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