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Anyone fish Eagle falls downriver? I used to stop there with my family, often to take a dip with the kids. At dusk the steelies would be rolling at the tailout but you'd have to get to the far shore to get a good angle at them.

There were millions of tiny parr-marked fry in the pools indicating that free-spawning activity occurs above or in the vicinity of Eagle Falls.

I used to see a lot of fish up in the North Fk as well, although I was rarely there at times conducive to catching them. I wouldn't mind spending an evening gurgling a muddler in those slot pools and rapids, camping, then doing it again at first light before heading down to the mainstem Sky for the day.

I remember one camping trip where I bought a bag of the homemade meuslix-style granola at the Index General Store. My kids ate it up, probably the first time they actually liked health food. I grabbed a sixpack of Hefferweissen and a bag of ice and got my grains after the kids were asleep in the tent under the starlit cascade sky.
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