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Had the pleasure of spending the morning with Capt Bruce Peters aboard the Miss Jillian testing her capabilities as a FF machine. Her abilities as a FF (Fish-Finding) machine are already well credentialed and I'm honored to report that she's a heck of a platform to flyfish from. Granted she's no flats boat but she's right at home in the waters Bruce knows best.

We started with the hopes of finally finding some squid moving through the southerly rips as the tide ran north but although we found some bass in the rips, our favorite cephalopod was not to be found. So our tactics changed to finding pods of sandeels that were being harassed by bass in open waters. And find them we did. Many feisty fish in the 30 - 34" class falling for some long sandeel patterns came to the boat. Opportunities to sight-cast in the gin-clear water to fish cruising by, strip-pause and then STRIP as they came up from behind to inhale the fly...
We continued to move from pod to pod looking for some larger fish ( Bruce reported breaking off a fish of over 30# on the flyrod the week before ) but it wasn't to be. Bruce did take his first bluefish on the flyrod ( which made them fun again! ) but only after he threatened to dive in after it to save the fly he had on :)
Great guy, great guide to the waters of Chatham.
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