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A great day off

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Well last year I purchased at a charity auction a day on the river with Bill McMillan more for the donation but also for the chance to fish with a man that is a kind of Hero of mine being from Vancouver. Well yesterday I got a chance to go on the trip on the Skagit and Sauk. Bill is truely a great fisherman and a really nice guy. He put me threw all the water first, pointed out the buckets and where other access points were to the river even though we didn't fish them. His wife cooked an amazing lunch which was a great break in the middle of a cold day. Truely two great people.

Well on to the fishing. As I started my drive in the snow at 6 AM I wasn't too hopeful of getting into fish but was still very excited. I arrived at 8 AM and we hit the river right away. It snowed until about 1:30 solid and made things absolutely beautiful. I ended up touching 3 fish. 1 in the Skagit which I missed and two in the Sauk which I landed. One was about a 7 lbs. hatchery fish which made nice steaks. Then about a half hour later I hook another fish which turned out to take about 20 minutes to land. It turned out to be a 38" X 19.5" native buck that kicked my butt. It was beautiful. I have never got a fish that had a fore head before. Unfortunately I forgot the camera but the memory of that fish will last forever. Actually the memory that will last forever was as soon as I up righted the fish and pointed it up stream it took off strong and I watched him swim away to go make more just like him.

What a great day with a great Old man of the river and a fish of my life time. I don't know if it was 20 but it was probably 19 easy.

Tight lines
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Jeff -- You da Man!!! Way to go guy. I just used the steelhead formula on those dimensions and came up with 19.27#. Did you hit it on the St. Croix, the Sage or the new Scott?

Outstanding my friend!!! Next time we want pictures :)

I'm gonna have to call Jeff's boss - they're giving him WAY TOO MUCH TIME to play on the rivers!!! <g>
Jeff -

As I read your awesome report I am unsure which part of that stellar experience I should congratulate you on... so I will just congratulate you on all of it!

We live for days like that.

Hey Juro, these guys are not playing fair... how much longer am I going to be able to take this... as I sit in on a cold winter day reading these reports.
I know what you mean John, this morning's thaw flooded my garage and basement, this evenings wind chill froze it solid! 20+ inches of snow on the ground and my driveway is a skating rink. Even on bluebird days in spring, the mention of steelhead like these get me crazy... we need our striped friends to come back around to keep us busy.

It's sounds like a hell of a spring native run brewing out there! Let's see, if I get my tickets tonight on-line, I could be packed by noon...
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