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This is not about fishing but is about poaching. I read this recently in The Idaho Statesman paper of Boise, ID. In my opinion the judge mentioned below should have a pat on the back for these sentences.

Men get jail time, fines for poaching: POWELL, Wyo. -
Two men convicted of poaching two trophy bighorn rams have been fined and sentenced to a year in jail
and probation. Gary Vorhies, 39, and Cody Cannady, 33, both of Greybu11, Wyo., were convicted in June on
two counts each of wanton destruction of wildlife and two counts each of hunting without a license. They shot the
rams along the North Fork River on Dec. 24. Besides the year in jail for hunting without a license, Circuit Judge
Bruce Waters sentenced Vorhies to a year of electronic monitoring for the second charge of hunting without a license,
fined him $10,000 and slapped him with $15,000 in restitution. for each ram killed. His hunting, fishing and trapping privileges were revoked for 50 years.
For the wanton destruction, Vorhies was placed on two years probation and fined $1,000 on each count.
Cannady was sentenced to a year in jail with weekday work release. His fine was $10,000 for illegal hunting plus $2,000 for wanton destruction of wildlife. He was ordered ,
to pay $15.000 restitution , for one of the rams, and his hunting, fishing and trapping privileges are suspended for 10 years.
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