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5/28-29 Fish'n Report - South Beach

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5/29 Report
Craig and Ken were foaming at the mouth in the early AM. to have at'em. And that they did. Perfect sunny day with the wind on our left shoulder. Fair number of
cooperative fish through out the day made it a memorable trip. We were bitten off by a few blues who were running high and happy and we even got lucky and landed
the below one without wire. As long as the water was moving we were into fish. At one point you could not make a cast without expecting to hook-up as we had
doubles and triples going on for an hour straight! One gentleman on the beach landed a 26 pound, 46 inch striper on a white bunny clouser that took him for a long walk
down the beach. I got lucky and sight cast to a 20 pound Bass in 1 1/2 feet of water, 20 feet away and within 2 strips he was on. Ye-haa!

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Craig almost got spooled on the above monster striper! He even fell in as he tried to land it and I had to pull him from the water. Craig had a grand slam today as he
landed a star fish, mussel and crab. He even had a horse shoe crab trying to mate with his boot. Both of my guests hooked up numerous times and were happy as a
clam at days end. Congrats!

5/28 Report
What was supposed to be a day of rain, storms and wind turned into a nice sunny day with just enough wind at our back to add a little distance. We worked the dropping
tide and were happy to find about 20 fish eager to inhale our sand lance pattern. Big fish of the day was the below 30 incher. With these exaggerated tides it was almost
as easy as taking candy from a baby. At the low we decided to take a short walk and were rewarded with fish chasing and crashing bait on the surface with a group of
terns diving on them. They were picking up sand lances. Anytime you see terns diving you can bet they are on thin profile baits. As we waded into position we thought
we were once again going to spank'm. But, wouldn't you know it, they were just out of our casting range by 15 or so feet. We just could not reach them. We returned
back to another area to fish the incoming and I found it disappointingly slow. We picked up a few but not the numbers I had been seeing. All in all Frank learned how to
double haul, work on other aspects of his casting technique, learned a few new area's to return to and hooked up a lot!

Ill see you all tomorrow!

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Frank enjoyed a grand day of fishing and catching. Congrats!
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