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5/26 Bayside:Fish at my feet but not on the hook

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I hadn't checked out my favorite beach yet so on being released by my wife I headed down for a look. High noon, bright sun and loads of people on the beach and weed/mung in the water - not too promiseing. Waded to the east, looking to get away from the weed and people. Massive plumes of bait were all over the place. A hook lanced sand lance revealed 2 to 3 inch sandeels. Didn't make my way very far before seeing fish. Saw them long after they had, apparently, seen me. Proceeded to get all tingly and wobbly kneed, mannaged to wrap my tippet around my pole and mysteriously the line in my stripping basket turned into a knotted rats nest.

The sightings continued for a couple of hours, just as I dream about. Just couldn't see them soon enoegh and pull the trigger. Finally did get a solid take while making my way back to the parking lot and blind casting.

This is the type of thing I first saw 2 years ago that hooked me hard on this stuff, stripers all over the place in less than a couple of feet of water. But I still have yet to cast to and catch a sighted fish.

Fred A.
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Fred this has been the story of my season so far. Close but no fish in the boat.
Fred...You're not the LoneRanger...
Location, location, location, and time on the water will pay off soonerorlater in spite of the basket gremlins.
Being there is sometimes reward in itself but hooking up to a passing sub certainly can't be beat. See you on the water!
I agree, being there and seeing is a kick in itself.

I've read the books and info on these sites with regard to sight fishing, but tend to implode when faced with the opportunity. I think it was in one of Taboury's books in which he said if you didn't get a bit excited when sighting stripers in shallow water that maybe you ought to take up golf. I'll keep plugging. My goal this year is to develop some level of proficiency at this. I will be spending some time on Monomoy this year.

Things seem different this year than last. I checked this spot a couple of times a week last year from the first weekend in May and things were pretty sterile until the first or second week in June and I saw nothing like Saturday until the end of June. Little bait and few fish dispite the fact that this area is a sandeel factory. The amount of bait in the water Saturday was striking.

Fred A.
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Thanks Fred,

You confirmed reports from Harry Koons and Bill Straekle that the bayside has solid fish from Sesuit to Rock Harbor. Yes, I also remember the days when the tails were flopping all over the bayside flats!

Try this... tie some smaller hook upright patterns and lay the fly on the sand where they are feeding. Give subtle twitches when they are in the vicinity and watch them scurry over. Match the sand eel colors, I usually go with a cream soda brown with a little root bear flash blended in. Clear intermediate is best.

If they don't take the slow presentation cast and try to make them chase it.

Should bode well for a couple weeks for shore fishermen before the big fish move out to Billingsgate.
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