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5/25-27 Report

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5/26-27 Report
Just got in from Nantucket where we sailed yesterday in the "Where the fig our we?" race. We left out of Harwichport after getting stuck in the mud harbor at dead low
for several hours. Then we ran aground on our way out of the harbor on some sandbars. I took a look below and informed our Capt. that we better start the bilge pump
as the floor of the sail boat was covered with water and oil and we were sinking! On the way over the duck tape did not hold the stay on to the mast and it broke. This
meant we were not going to be able to tack or face the mast collapsing. Or they would have to hoist the skinniest person up the mast to fix it. Being that I was the
skinniest crew member on board I started to drink a little more and claimed I was to drunk to be hoisted up to the top of the mast by 3 other drunk'n sailors while in 4
foot sea's. (Sailing to Margaritaville?) Fortunately for us the wind was out of the S.E. and we played the wind tight and did not have to tack once. We finished a
respectable dead last. All in all the day was spent with a group of "dogs" that I've spent many memorable times with over the last 20 years and this trip well be another
great memory etched in the history books forever!

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Nantucket harbor was alive with sailing vessels and drunken sailors. Scott finally dropped anchor at 3 AM. after many Dark and Stormies.

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Mike O'Mara was still all a glow at 3 AM. after a day and late night of festivities. What would you do with a drunk'in sailor? We had to lock him in the forward bunk so
the rest of us could get some sleep. Would you trust this man with your daughter?

5/25 Report
Today's forecast was not favorable for sight fishing, but we kept our fingers crossed. It worked, as the bright sun was our companion and over our shoulder's all day.
Off to the flats we raced, with the anticipation level of a child getting ready to open presents x-mas morning. What did today have in store for us? Normally what we do
is called fishing, but today it was called catching and catch we did. John and I were happy to see all fish we threw at today were eager to eat our perfectly cast fly. (At
least in my case!) These fish were on fire and not easily spooked. Big fish of the day was taken by yours truly as John was off taking pictures of something or other. It
was a nice 32 incher taken on a white and olive half and half clouser in 1-1/2 foot of water. I spoke with several other Flats Capt.'s. today and all agreed that yesterday
was a stinker. The water temp. dropped by 4-6 degrees which is why we all figured was the reason we all did so-so, compared to pretty good the previous few days.
Water temp's rose 4 degree's today which will only help this weekend

Stay tuned for more adventures,
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Just one of many John H. landed on the flats today. The big one got away!
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John Halnon is one of the top fly fishing professional photographers around. His work will be featured on my web site all summer long. This was one of many John took
last year while sight fishing the flats.
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Another of John's photo's. Can you believe the clarity of the water?

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