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On Sunday, the 11th of February at 6 p.m., the 3rd meeting of the General Membership of the Wild Steelhead Coalition will take place.

Catalyzed by closures of the World-Class steelhead fisheries in Washington State, the Wild Steelhead Coalition was formed to put a halt to the declining runs of wild steelhead in the Pacific Northwest. By changing management practices, fighting for habitat and doing anything within the power of the Wild Steelhead Coalition, the Coalition will fight to increase the numbers of wild steelhead returning to the waters of the Pacific Northwest.

The interim Board of Directors has been working very hard to put together by-laws, a membership structure, an action plan and a communication plan for the Wild Steelhead Coalition.

If you are at all interested please attend the meeting on the 11th at O.B. Williams in Seattle. The address is 1939 1st Ave South, which is 3 blocks south of Safeco Field on the Westside of 1st Ave. And please, bring your own chair.

At this meeting the Board of Directors will present by-laws and a membership structure. An action plan will be discussed as will the status of the Wild Steelhead Coalition as a non-profit organization.
This will also be the first chance for anyone interested in saving the wild steelhead of the Pacific Northwest to join this new and promising group. All attendees will also be given the chance to ask questions and present their ideas and comments.

Please join us in the fight for the World’s greatest gamefish so that someday we may see the abundance of wild steelhead in our rivers that are forefathers enjoyed.

If you have any questions please email Ryan S. Petzold at [email protected] or at 425-438-8504 or Duggan Harman at [email protected]
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