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2001.1 Upper Rogue Report

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Corp. of Eng. has finally anounce their plan for the reduction in stream flow on the Rogue. 9-10 flow will be cut from 1800 cfs to 1650, next day cut to 1500 cfs. The following Monday (if my mental calendar is correct) (9-21) flow will be cut again to 1300 cfs, next day to 1100 cfs. Suspect flow will be cut again later on in the year.

Apparently at least 2000 summer runs in the upper river but most at or just below the hatchery. Fall Chnk are starting to show in good numbers. Soooo, question is if you're fishing for steelhead what size tippet do you use? Fishing for a 3# fish and hook something that's 30.

Choices, choices and more choices.
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Fred -

How will this affect the brooding salmon and steelhead? I recall many years where the restricted flows caused problems with oxygen levels, parasite blooms, etc in my years out there.

Since we are into September I suppose this is not a problem?

Juro, just know I'm not pronouncing/spelling this right but the problem is coloumitus (way off on spelling). Anyway, attacks the gills of salmon (little effect on the steelhead unless water is very warm). Always present in Rogue but little impact unless the water temps get above the mid-60's. Ergo why they've been running so much water out of Lost Creek Dam above Medford.

Water comming out of the bottom of the impounded lake is running at low to mid 50's so it cools off the main river to a large degree. As we cool down day time temps they will reduce the flow of dam water. Even though 31000 some spring salmon made it to the hatchery (at base of dam) one article said we still lost upwards of 20% of the run to high water/colmts. conditions.

Day time temps still in the high 80's-low 90's here but night time is now down into the 40's (even hit the high 30's a couple of nights ago).

Anyway, very long way of saying that when Mother Nature decides to cool off the water 'naturally' they turn off the river flow to save water behind the dam. Much of late last fall and winter the Rogue was running at 700cfs.
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2001.1.1 Upper Rogue Report

River flow down now to 1100 cfs and fishing/catching has increased to grand level. Game dept will look at flow levels again at end of October so this could drop again in a month.

The lower flow has really slowed up the fish travel rate and increased hook up opportunities. With the large number of fall salmon in the upper river easy to rig for a 3# fish and hook something at 30. So 10-13 # leader materials (Maxima is still the fav. around here for most) are still pretty common.

# of fish per trip varies but I've had mornings with zip, go back out that evening at same stretch of beach hooked 5.
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