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Like bamboo, most modern glass rods are of the boutique variety. While Lamiglass and Fenwick still make cheap fiberglass rods, Winston, Hardy and Scott are making fancy ones. Winston makes "The Stalker", an 8' #4 that is very soft and a beautiful rod. Hardy has a couple that are nice, especially the #4. Scott make a 7' #4 that is wonderful on small streams. They also make a 6'6" #3, but I have not cast it.
Winston, sensing a resurgence in the popularity of classic action rods is coming out with a full line of reproductions of their rods in the Seventies. I have not cast them either, but they are showing a big commitment to glass.
At the casting ponds in San Francisco, an old glass rod will draw as much or more attention that even an exotic graphite.
Glass rods are far from dead. Just expensive.
One cast can change your day...maybe your life.
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