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Cleanliness is next to floatliness, submerge your line in warm soapy water and clean it with a soft sponge, then take the line out and stretch it between two trees and apply line dressing with a soft cloth, rubbing it in with long strokes, go up and down the line at least twice and the front taper more, you'll see dirt coming coming of the front end for quite a while. This will keep your line floating for a while depending on how scummy the the water is that you use it in, putting some floatant on your leader will help performance a lot also. I think these textured lines gather dirt more than smooth ones and the dirt prevents the hydrophobic coating from doing its job, so when dirty they sink, if you are fishing in water that has a scummy film you might be better off with an old fashioned smooth line like a Cortland Peach, it won't pick up so much and it's easier to clean.
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