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Magnum Diver in Perch Coloring for Big Pike

I'm definitely in cabin fever mode and was day dreaming about large post spawn pike after ice out. Needed a couple more large pike streamers so came up w/ the following pattern w/ a 9" overall length. Gonna work on a sucker version next.


Hook: Mustad 3407, Stinger, or equivalent in Sz1-4/0, Tied the above on 1/0.
Thread: GSP 100 in Chartreuse. I love GSP thread for spinning deer hair, just don't use 50 denier as it cuts thru the hair like a razor blade.

Hair: Sexy hair or you favorite long fiber synthetic.

Head: Spun Deer Hair

Colored Features: Orange, Yellow, Black, and Red Sharpies.

Start by tying in thread at the hook point. Tie in 5" long tan or white colored fibers both above and below hook shank.

Next, tie in 6" long chartreuse fibers on the top and 3" tan on the underside

Next, tie in 7" and 8" long green fibers followed by 7" dark brown fibers on the top side of the hook shank. Note - only the green is shown in above picture.

Next, tie in green bucktail on the top and yellow bucktail to form a nice transition from the deer hair head to the synthetic body. Note - only the green bucktail is shown in picture above.

Next, spin dark green deer hair for the head.

Next, trim the deer hair into a diver head.

Finally, trim the synthetic fibers to the desired silhouette, and finally use colored sharpie markers to add the final details (red gills, black stripes, yellow to brighten the tan belly, and orange for the anal/pectoral fins of the yellow perch.
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