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RE:Cracking head section on Cortland QD 325 line?

One more update as of 7-20-2000:

Cortland has once again bungled my line replacement. I'm pretty ticked. I urge anyone who deals with their customer service to identify your QD line (SALTWATER not Salmon/Steelhead) and make sure they remember to ship etc. They have failed me 3 times already.
Here's my scenario to date:

1. June 9th QD line cracks
2. June 10 ship back to Cortland
3. 11 days later wrong replacement line shows up
4. Next they say they will ship me new one right away and tell me to return Steelhead QD. They forget.
5. 11 days later (today)I have nothing. Call them, they have no record of me needing a line. Now they say they will send me a new one. I hope they send me 2 by accident, I deserve it.

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