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Thanks for the recipe -- sounds like winner!

If you have the pics on your computer, you can easily post them as an attachment by clicking the "manage attachments" button a short scroll down from the box where you type your messages. You will probably need to resize the photo first, since the maximum photo size is 650 pixels wide X 500 pixels high, and 60.5k file size. I usually crop the photo to show what I want, then resize to 650 pixels wide (or 500 high, depending on the shape of the photo) and save it as a jpg image. If you use Win XP there is a link for a free image resizing program at the top of page. I haven't tried it so I'm not sure how it works.

To post the photo, click "manage attachments", click the "browse" button and find the resized photo, click "open", then click the "upload" button. If the photo is too big it will tell you. Otherwise, just close the "manage attachments" window and click "submit reply".

Looking forward to seeing the pics!

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