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Yeah, I think the fly above roughly what I wish I had.

Juro, White Bight is right near Cargill creek, which has 3 large lodges (2 of them may have merged reently) and puts out some 40-50 skiffs on a good day. So the fish are jumpy as heck, especially now since the guides are told to go easy on fuel and can't be talked into running any diustance from the lodges.

I had some #8 tailing flies and was managing to lay 70+' casts well ahead of fish schools. Thay'd come on it, one or two would swing in to check it out, and then the whole school would spook like you threw a rock at them. My guide had a light tan #8 Bonecrusher that took one fish, and that was it.

With the lodges near-full, any fish near north bight were as jumpy as anything I've seen near the peak of the bnonefishing boom in the later 90's. A great challenge if you're a good caster and don't mind very technical fishing, but it was a disappointment to most of the lodge sports I talked to.
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