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single foot ceramics

Hey Herb,

Nice selection of blanks you are building on....

Very interested in the CTS blanks, but they were a bit pricey to take a flyer on without ever having seen them...

I have built on the Dan Craft FT blanks. I have built them all up with ceramic ringed guides from top to bottom. I have been using either the American Tackle Titan guides, or Fuji guides (not the titaniums, the all black ones)

I had used single foot wire guides previously, and prefer the casting with all ceramic guides, including on two rods (not Dan Craft) that I rewrapped from wire to ceramic.

I haven't had any more issue with aligning the single foots than snakes, I like the look of the ceramics, and I like the performance as well. I have not had any issue with rings popping out at all.

I do use the Forhan locking wrap on the ceramic single foot guides.

More than one way to build a rod, and I'm sure whatever you pick will work great.

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