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Re sponsors - yes, BTU is a non-profit. And one without an advertising budget, so this is close to the extent of our advertising forums, plus word of mouth, nice magazine editors, web sites posting links, and the upcoming show. Best to put the $ into research, education, etc. Thought about doing Marlboro instead, but NJ has more bodies.

Yes, Juro, I'm in it pretty deep. Pretty much 2 jobs, (1) research, (2) BTU Director. Still find some time to fish, though Hope to make it up to the Cape in June, will see if that works out.
Speaking of fishing and research, if/when you or any of your co-conspirators go to a bonefish destination and want to help out by taking some fin clips for genetics work, let me know and I'll send fin clips to you. Why genetics? - 2 species of bonefish have been caught on the Caribbean flats, can't tell apart physically (well, bonefish can, of course). Will also help with figuring out population dynamics.
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