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Originally Posted by juro

I assumed you were looking for a SW reel because I saw the 3.5" stats.

juro, not necessarily, just looking for some good conversation. just happened to pick the 3.5 stats because that was a line weight that i could compare a SA to MA to LA reel.

as for the drag question pescaphile, consider this:

Fish takes your fly and starts to run, he runs at a constant speed for 125 yards

at the start of the run, your spool (given a standard arbor) is lets say 4 inches in diameter, thats 12.56 inches in circumference, or there abouts (keep the math simple)

as that fish pulls line the diameter of the spool decreases as your backing leaves it

after the fish is lets say 140 feet away, lets assume the diameter of the spool, the outter most wrap of backing now measures 3 inches, a one inch reduction in diameter, now a circumference of 7.065 inches just over half of what we started with

OK,Wheres his point

remember, the fish is pulling at a constant speed, since the diameter is decreasing, the spools speed must increase, dramatically as I hope I have illustrated, so a 1 inch reduction almost doubles the spool speed, and drag pressure is directly related to spool speed, so to sum that up, the further the fish runs the more drag your reel applies

with a large arbor, the reduction is MUCH less, and not only less in inches, less percentage, while a standard arbor will "shrink" nearly 90% as a fish runs, A large arbor is only gonna shrink 20% of the original diamater

thus the spool speed on a large arbor stays MUCH more constant during the run of a fish than a standard, and thusly the drag pressure is more unifrom

DISCLAIMER: All the stats in this are poorly researched at best, and most of them are just plain made up

It is my understanding that this was one of the primary considerations when LA's first where developed, but it was so hard to explain i marketing, they just pushed some of it's other benefits

i think this is the point that juro was making about hard running fish in his first post. Like i mentioned earlier, for sweetwater, in my experience, most fish will not get into your backing and therefore the original question; is a properly spooled SA essentially a LA?
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