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Originally Posted by jlsmithii
but, with a regular arbor reel, once you have added suffient backing, you essentially have a large arbor reel and you have the benefit of having more backing should the need arise.
True until the fish makes a long run. Then you are winding like a banshee to get 10 feet back. Also when the fish makes a hard push at the end of a long run the reel spins wildly. Some of my LA reels have a core diameter close to the start of the flyline on my standard arbor reels. Thus even down 300 yards I am winding the LA at the start up rate of the other reels and incremental runs at long range feel manageable.

Although the reel diameter may be bigger to the eye, some true LA are so light and agile you get over that quickly. The spools are often wider too which adds backing capacity.

Not to sound like a broken record but I find the Danielsson 6nine to be a great striper reel with gelspun backing and a 9wt line, and it doubles as a great bonefish reel with a 7wt or 8wt line. It's retrieve rate is great even with a lot of backing out there which has been thoroughly road tested. Smooth drag, small package but every bit a L/A reel.

I wouldn't call it a 40# bass reel but for most shore fishing situations it's a dandy and meets the aesthetic criteria as well. Face it a 9wt single hander is a pretty light rod for the fish we hook. The 6nine is plenty of reel for a 9wt rod with gelspun.

I just got the 8eleven and will be fishing it on my 9wt and 10wt rods this season. Again the diameter, by definition, is larger but it's super light and I am confident that I will enjoy it as a full-duty striper reel.

Ideally there would be an LW 7eleven... right in between the 6nine and 8eleven.... but that's another story.

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