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Mustad, Baby...

Don't know if anyone actually checks this part of the forum (since the last post was in 2009) but here's an update on Mustad. They've actually updated their tempering process on all their hooks, making them stronger and sharper. The Signature Series are still where it's at for saltwater stuff, for me. Again last year I hit Andros and had a MONSTER 3.5 days of landing double-digit bones with Big Charlie. Not once did we straighten a hook, though we used 20-lb tippets and #9 rods. We strictly used the Big Game Lights. By the time those bones were through with the flies, they looked like they'd been left on the interstate for a day or so, but the tips were still sharp as hell and the shanks straight. For more info one their new tempering process, visit their site. I spent an informative 10 minutes or so with a rep of theirs at a small flyshop last fall and am more sold on them now than ever. They're cheap, strong, sharp and built for fly fishing. What more could I want.
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