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Originally Posted by jimS
Phil, thanks for the info on the Signature 34007. I've got several hundred standard 34007 in various sizes to burn, unless I can unload them.

Incidentally, while pricey, I'm a big fan of Gamakatsu and Tiemco.

Hope to see you on the Cape this year, but it sounds like you have diald in a premiere fishery on your homewaters.
Yup. I turned a negative into a positive after the Southway closed. If it is as good as it was last year I will host a gathering again here for the Forum with Juro's blessing. Doesn't mean I won't visit though. I look forward to seeing the Clan again and will surely visit a few of my other favorite spots on the Cape in May and June including the Clave. Jim. Unload some of those older 34007's and give the Sig's a try for me. I'm just curious to see if you and anyone else reading this approves. China or not, the smaller barb and the fact that they are easier to sharpen...................?

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