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Love, hate, love, hate, love the N.Umpqua

Even though...

Got back last night from 4+ days on the river. Fished 3 days. Skunked.

River was perfect, I fished pretty well (I thought) except for the first evening (when I truly sucked at casting, mending, wading, and selecting a decent fly--the one I had on had a bad point and I didn't even know it). But I raised only 1 fish to my waker and I had no action whatsoever on wets. A couple weeks ago I was whining about trouble hooking fish. This time I never had a chance.

Some spots that were reasonably dependable in recent years have brought nothing this year; perhaps the lower water level means the holds aren't good, or it's just me or my luck. I was there with family and friends, so I didn't fish as much as usual, but still had plenty of time.

I'll have to quit spending so much time on the upper river, and more time around and below Steamboat if this bad luck continues. Mid-October might be time for another go.

On a related note, I tried an AirFlo floating Poly leader this trip. I was curious if it would help at all with keeping wakers on top in more roily water. I'll post a brief report on the Spey pages.

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