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Spend your money on the rod and a new fly line. For the type of fishing you are describing the reel does nothing more than hold line. If I had $300 or so to spend I would go with the TFO BVK rod in a 4 or 5 weight and a +1 line for bass/panfish fishing. For example if you by a 4wt rod, buy a 5wt line when warm water fishing and stick with the 4wt line as an all around trout line. If you go with a 5wt rod then get a 6wt line. Spend the rest of your money on a used reel. You should be able to get a nice used reel in that size range plus an extra spool for under $75. I can give you many options if you like. I have a reel addiction problem so I have lots of choices.
Later on when you have more money you can get a fancier reel if you like but you will not have to. A good rod is a life time investment.

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