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Yes Juro life still can be exciting and we proved it on our passage to La Paz. It was our first real bout with true danger and thank god for Tracy's keen eyes. We pulled anchor at 0300 to leave Los Muertos and moved out around some boats at anchor all of them had anchor lights on. It was very dark with no moon and a warm light rain but no wind. Three minutes out we just missed a sail boat coming in to anchor that was not running lights of any kind. Just before we were going to collide his lights came on and we missed each other by50 feet. But hell that was nothing an hour later we were crossing a channel that was 4 miles wide and I wanted to be on the right side of the channel so as not to run head on into big tankers coming down the coast from La Paz. Half way across I picked up a large object on radar at 6 miles headed north. No big deal usually but I could not see his lights as there was light rain and radar also picked up 2 squalls moving in from over the Baja mountains. When the large object was 4 miles out we could see he was on course to intersect us so I turned north and thought he would pass by our right about a mile off. Five or 6 minutes later one of the squalls hit with wind and heavy rain and the radar screen went white and hid the object. He appeared again on radar and I got a visual on him but could not see the colors on his running lights. It was a tanker but what was his heading! Tracy thought she saw red and that was not a welcome thought, I was convinced he was going to pass on our left now. We lost him again on radar and visual so I foolishly went right. We should have called him on the vhf when we picked him up at 6 miles out with the weather and all. At one mile out he he showed up on radar but not visual as the rain was really coming down. He was headed right for us Tracy got on the radio and asked if he could see us and the capitian said no then he said yes but that he could not make a course correction in time. Tracy then saw his red running light I still could not make out its color and this time I trusted her judgement and turned hard to port. We missed this 300 foot tanker by 300 yards and would have hit him broadsides for sure without her keen skills as a navigator. I'll tell you she has really gotten good sailing Hannah on all points of sail in all weather and at night. And I don't mind saying she is better than me now after that episode. We are safe and sound in La Paz at some fancy Marina and enjoying some rest and cleaning Hannah up for company and the holidays.
There are many flats to fish here that can be reached by the Zodiac and will find time to fish them. Tracy will be up grading the blog very soon with our adventures and some really big Dorado pics. By the way one of the cruisers we met hooked and landed and released and tagged a Marlin of about 160 pounds and on a hand line off the back of their sail boat last week as we both rounded Los Carbos. He is an Aussy and has been out cruising with his family now for 3 years and that was his second marlin to the boat.
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