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An old post but a new problem for me....a few months ago I developed what is called "Athenic keratosis"...they were dime shaped/sized red spots on my face that itched like *&^%$#@#@!
Had 10 of them removed via liquid nitro..then prescribed a cream to use on my face to remove many layers of skin and kill any fast growing cells ie. pre-cancerous cells....100 % curable if caught early which it was..............I am into my second week of treatment with a topical chemotherapy/skin removal present I count 38 red circles (that were not there a week ago) that have appeared as layers of skin have been removed from my face..........I look like a pepperori pizza and it hurts like the worst sunburn one ever had.
I have been religious the last 10 yrs using sunscreen...but this damage was caused by sun exposure 30 to 4o yrs ago...remember the days as a kid when your mom put baby oil on your skin when you went to the beach? Remember fishing all day with no sunscreen and or hat? Tans were sexy!!!
Well....if you see this stuff on your face...get treatment right away.
I am told that when done with the treatment... I will have a 100% cure and when my facial skin is removed, the skin of a newborn baby's "bottom".
After week is like the worst sunburn one ever had...I shave once every 4 days and it hurts like hell. Even the coveron my pillow hurts!
Be smarter than me...protect yourself!
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