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josko 04-10-2008 08:37 PM

Mustad C70S hooks
I've been a huge Mustad fan for the past 30 years, but have finally decided the C70S hook is not strong enough for bonefishing. I seem to be consistently bending size 6 and 4 hooks before breaking 12# tippets. I can even bend size 6 on 10# tippets.
I've observed this over several years and with many bonefiush. I know, I know, one shouddn't be putting this much pressure on a bonefish, but there are situations where I feel the need to clamp down a bit, and really, the hook shouldn't give out before the tippet.

I've also tried using the C68S, and it doesn't bend, but I find the short shank and large gap makes it much harder to keep from falling over with bead chain eyes.

So, no more C70S for me. I guess I'm back to the old 34007, which hasn't let me down, and maybe I'll start experimenting with fancy Japanese hooks. Still, it's a disappointment to find the C709S can't stand up to bonewfishing, since it seems like a superb hook in all other ways.

Your mileage, of course, may differ.

Trevor B 04-14-2008 06:57 PM

I have used 34007 almost exclusively for bonefish flies, but I have found them a little inconsistent , opening up on a 3- 4lb fish and being fine on larger fish. this has happened on a couple of occasions, making me wonder if I should be changing to another hook. But with close to 500 or so flies tied on them I am a little shy of starting over, also there is the cost factor, small I know when compared to the cost of a trip. Did you ever experience this with the 34007 ?

josko 04-15-2008 01:33 PM

I don't recall ever having a problem with a 34007 hook.

barramundi-uk 04-16-2008 03:44 AM

If your a Mustad man then looking at your criteria I would suggest Mustad S71 SSS. O ' Shaugnessy pattern - Strong and chemicaly sharpened.

A great hook indeed.

josko 04-16-2008 05:31 AM

Well, yes, but it's a long shank - a little longer than I like for bonefish ties.

petevicar 04-16-2008 07:08 AM

I used to use Mustad hooks but on a trip to Norway I went past their factory and noticed that a main part of their business was making paper clips.
That seemed to me to be a good reason why the hooks sometimes straighten.;)

Now I mostly use Japanese hooks such as Gamakatzu, Daiici, Tiemco and Owner.

FishHawk 05-12-2008 05:45 AM

They are made in China. Just picked up a few boxes of Mustad Signatures and noticed the fine print on the back of the box that they are now made in China. Good bye to Mustad for me. FishHawk

bonehead 09-01-2008 01:48 AM

Mustad Signature...
As a guide I go through lots of hooks, and have never been able to justify the use of expensive Gamakatzu or Tiemco hooks for day-to-day bonefishing. However, those venerable 34007's DO open up if you put enough pressure on them. I openned two #2 hooks on big bones in Andros one year.

The solution? Well, I do still use those old-school hooks (007's) for most schoolie bones, but I always have flies tied on Mustad's Signature Series BigGame Light hooks. These are affordable, sharp as hell, standard length, and STRONG. Also, they're not stainless so if we pop one off in a fish, I know it'll rust out in short order... not so with the stainless models. I used these hooks on big bones in Andros and had no trouble at all with 16-lb tippet and drags cranked down.

For those who've never had trouble with the 34007's, may you someday, somewhere encounter the fish that will do this to your hooks... or perhaps consider cranking down on your drag a bit. As for 10-lb tippet for bones: shame. Bones aren't leader shy if you use loop knots and anything under 12-lb tippet envites break-offs or too-tired fish. Ask Andy, ask Charlie, ask anybody.


josko 09-03-2008 11:44 AM

I would have to disagree a bit; many a time I couldn't buy a bite with a 12lb tippet only to have them find an appetite after switching to 10 lb. In fact, this last time, I switched between brands of 12 lb fluoro tippets to see a marked decrease in refusals. Admittedly, this is with super-picky Andros bones.

I've never straightened a 34007 on bonefish, but concede that ANY hook will bend or break with enough pressure. Somehow the maximum pressure I exert is such that it will open a C70S but not a 34007.

After the C70S experiment, I bought myself a huge stock of 8, 6, 4 and 2 size 34007 and will be OK even if they discontinue the hook.

bonehead 09-04-2008 03:27 AM

What I said was:

Bones aren't leader shy if you use loop knots...
Last time I was in the Key's I used 16-lb tippet and took a nice ocean-side bone. Andros super-picky big bones: 16-lb tippet. Roatan's ultra-skinny water bones out front of the lodge -- a flat that's pounded by anglers after the day's fishing by paddling kayaks and is also hit hard on days of bad weather -- 12-lb tippet. Little Cayman's super picky bones over the grassy flats of the south coast: 12-lb. I've even caught bonefish on 40-lb. shock-tippet with a 1/0 tarpon fly. Trust me, they couldn't care less about the leader.

What they DO care about is the natural movement of the fly, something that won't happen with heavy tippet and your conventional Clinch Knot. Also, longer leaders are VERY important for spooky bones. In all the above situations (except Andros) I was using 12-ft leaders and I've even gone longer than that if the fish are really picky.

I had a long conversation with Andy Smith (not as famous as Elvis, I'll grant you, but a name most bonefishers know) about the unethical use of light tippet (he agreed that anything under 12-lb was too light). The fact that they even sell 8-lb bonefish leaders boggles my mind, unless you're fishing for baby Yucatan bones under 2 pounds. People assume that since trout are leader shy and spooky, that bonefish, since spooky, are also leader shy. (Actually, I think that notion is also changing due to the increased used of loop knots, at least, based on a couple articles I've just read.)

Finally, I noticed you mentioned flourocarbon. Well, you're certainly right about the differences in brands, but any brand will be stiffer than most mono. Unless I'm fishing over deeper flats (like those in Andros or Hawaii) I stick with quality mono (Deepblue is great) -- mono that's thin, strong, and, most importantly, supple. Now you might think that a bonefisher saying mono is better than flouro is a little crazy but hear me out. First, it is way stiffer than mono (though it's getting better). The suppleness of the leader does help movement of the fly. Second, flouro sinks, which is bad over grassy flats (especially shallow, grassy flats). You end up dragging the fly THROUGH the grass, not over it and the fish won't find it or it'll snag. Fishing some of the deeper flats of the Keys or the Bahamas flouro is great, but I love wading to tailers in skinny water.

Anyways, just the 2-cents of


juro 09-04-2008 08:32 AM

IMHO the TMC's are well worth it. They won't open up due to strength of the alloy and are superior for a number of other reasons including wire diameter for delicate flats presentations, a tiny barb (which I crush anyway) and a razor chemically sharpened point out of the box.

I could see someone who fishes a lot of broken coral or can't stay away from thick mangroves having an aversion to high quality hooks for the $$. Although I will cast to any bone in any hazard, I generally don't fish either of those situations so prefer to use Tiemco 811s, the quality standard in saltwater hooks for medium sized gamefish.

bonefishmon 02-05-2009 01:17 PM

So, no more C70S for me. I guess I'm back to the old 34007, which hasn't let me down, and maybe I'll start experimenting with fancy Japanese hooks. Still, it's a disappointment to find the C709S can't stand up to bonewfishing, since it seems like a superb hook in all other ways.

Your mileage, of course, may differ.[/QUOTE]

The new Mustad Signature series are sharper and use a stronger alloy steel in the 34007 as well as the C70SD.


flysully 02-18-2009 02:51 PM


Originally Posted by barramundi-uk
If your a Mustad man then looking at your criteria I would suggest Mustad S71 SSS. O ' Shaugnessy pattern - Strong and chemicaly sharpened.

A great hook indeed.

Almost a year has gone by since the above post but I just spoke with my tackle shop here in NY and the owner who has a great online catalog and has been in the business for many years denies that Mustad is planning to discontinue their 34007 hook - he had just spoken with them - says the rumor is not true - also said that doesn't mean that sometime down the road they won't be discontinued but as for today, they are not and he has plenty of stock. He was wondering why his business for the Mustad hooks had increased so drastically lately!

Also, pertinent to the above post on the S71SS, Mustad has discontinued this style # but has replaced it with the exact same style hook but with a "permasteel" finish, no longer stainless steel. The number of this hook is 71SZ in case you are having difficulty locating the old S71SS.

Hope this helps stop the frantic dash to scoop up the remaining 34007's!

jimS 02-18-2009 04:20 PM

I've used 34007 hooks for years with excellent success. They need to be sharpened out of the box, and the barb mashed. It is a large barb, and even mashed, there will still be a nob or micro barb.

bonefishmon 02-27-2009 05:06 AM

Jim. Try the Mustad Signature 34007. Much smaller barb like the Tiemco 811's.


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