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josko 04-06-2006 06:28 PM

Bonefish fly tying kit
I'm thinking of bringing a flytying kit for a month-long Bahamas bonefishing trip. I'm try9ing to put together a materials kit by losting components of all my favorite flies, but I get this nasty feeling I'll forget something and be very, very sorry. Would anybody know a link to a bonefish-specific tying kit I could use to cross-check what I plan to bring along.
If anybody feels like taking a crack at the materials in a bone-specific tying kit, I'd much appreciate it.

juro 04-07-2006 06:12 AM

What the heck...

hooks, TMC 811s #6, #4, #2
thread - tan, orange, white, mono (clear)
zap a gap (instead of head cement for bonefish flies)
bobbin(s), bodkin and whip finisher
dub wax, dub spinner
medium bead eyes, gold & silver; a few small a few large
small 'realeyes' with matching sticker eyes for clousers
baitfish sized eyes
small aquaseal tube

body stuff:
scud, light pink, orange color dubbing, scintilla is best - "shrimpy" dubbing
tan dubbing, gray, brown, olive - "earthy" flats and marl colors
tan chenille, pink, orange etc (although I typically dub instead)
crab yarn
ezybody for crabs
pantone pen for marking
felt pads
think mono for melted eyes
rubber legs / small hackles / grizzly hackles
synthetic hair - polar bear / chartreuse / root beer
white bucktail / chart / tan / olive
pearl flash
pearl bodybraid
angel hair - rainbow, gold, etc

marabou - tan, orange, pink, barred (mottled) or substitude base feathers of grizzly hackle
natural mallard or wood duck
natural bunny strips

Since I really only use like three flies for bones - a tan gotcha with pearl highlights, a small crab and an unweighted shrimp variation of a steelhead fly I designed to trick shallow water tailers without spooking them... the above list is plenty and includes a bunch of stuff for clousers and deceivers just in case.

For other species you'd need more stuff :tongue:

Good luck Josko

josko 04-08-2006 06:45 AM

Thank you. Sometimes i end up with a mental block for the silliest of reasons. This helps more than you think.
Have other folks taken to taking flying kits with them? I can see how that would be impractical on a lodge trip, where every minute of your time is accounted for, but it would seem to complement a DIY trip much better. Also gives one somehing to do in inclement weather.

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