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Newfoundland - summer 2002 help?

Pat Bahan
05-24-2002, 10:58 AM
We are planning to drive to Newfoundland this summer for our 25th anniv. I am a lifelong fly fisherman with diverse experience in fresh and salt water. I am not afraid to explore and work for my success. However, as we all know, in Canada I will be required to fish with a guide. I have the Newfoundland travel brochures, I have looked in various sources, and of yet I have not found anything I can afford.
(I am a teacher, working on a relatively limited budget)
Is it possible to hire a guide locally in some areas or do the big outfitters and hotels have the waters all sewed up?
We plan to be camping, so I will have to hire a guide as opposed to staying at an accomodation w/package.
Any and all insights will be greatly appreciated.