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Trophy Salamon in Russia-Kola ?

08-31-2005, 11:48 AM
Hello !
I`ve been a couple of times in som russian rivers like Yokanga and Varzuga.
Biggest salar I cath in Varzuga 18 lb and 25lb in Yokanga.
Record Yokanga as I heard was 65lb but I think thats a decade since.
Do anywhone of our readers know where to find the really big one?
As I heard Kola River or Kharlovka and may be East Litza is the only rivers where to find bigger than 40 lb
Comments? :rolleyes:

08-31-2005, 01:35 PM
The East Litza, Kharlovka and Rynda do have large fish. The fish probably average 15-16 lbs. Although I've never caught one over 27 lbs there, fish over 30 lbs are caught with some regularity and fish over 40 (50?) are certainly there. During my first year there, the largest fish of my week was 44 lbs, caught on a size 10 fly waked on the surface. As I remember, I think there were probably 4 or 5 fish over 30.

If I had to choose one river for large fish, I'd probably choose the Litza. The early runs start in June, with the late June and first part of July probably being prime time. In the fall, they get a second run of fish called Osenkas, Atlantic salmon that can also be very large. The Osenkas are amazing fish they enter the rivers beginning in late August and spawn in the fall . . . but NOT the same year! They spend an entire year in the rivers, even under the ice, and spawn in the fall of the following year.

08-31-2005, 07:09 PM
KOLA River is known for large fish and in large numbers. I fished there this year first week of June, and all the fish were over 20 pounds, all my fish were 24-30 pounds. There were a few over 30, and larger fish were in the river. Also, later in the year another run of big fish come in. The other rivers are quite good also.

Tight Lines,

Jim Y.

Next up for me is 10 days on the Miramichi system the last of September, first week of Oct.

09-02-2005, 06:45 AM
As I understand best possibility for big salamon over 30 pounds is Kola River.
The season opens in June and the entire month is dominated by the fresh run of the multi-sea-wintered fish averaging between 17lbs 30lbs, with some monsters in excess of 40lbs.
Recommended operator? Cheaper than other rivers since not any helikopter transport?

Unfortunately Kola River is not in the wilderness .You have train,cars nearby and as I heard one of the most polluted area in world.May be disposable for poaching ? :tsk_tsk:

09-02-2005, 07:23 AM
I would say that the three rivers (kharlovka, East Litza and Rynda) will certainly present you with the chance of a fish of a life time. Was out there a few weeks ago and got a 26lb cock fish (Rynda). Kharlovka and East Litza will probably provide a better chance for a 30lb+ fish!

09-03-2005, 04:07 PM
Kola river is not wilderness fishing, it being close to Murmansk, literally a 2 hour drive. It is also a river with many small depressed villages along the course of the fishable sections. There was many areas that had trash and discarded items along the river, other areas had more remote location. All the beats were accessable by trucks, no helicopters. This does not mean that we did not have some engine trouble along the way. The main fishing lodge has several ways you can book, depending on the week. I booked through angling club Lax-a, an icelandic company run by Arni Balderson. I have fished with him in iceland(EXCELLENT fishing but another story), and so I went through his outfit. I think you can go diectly to the Kola lodge but it may not take care of everything. Either way the lodge is new with pretty good food and service. They have built new cabins and facilities and being close to civilazation has some other advantages if you like Murmansk night life ( not me). Either way, I've already booked next year for the second week of june, and will spend 2 weeks total time, another week on a different river. No question that the Kola river has BIG FISH!

Tight lines,

Jim Y

09-04-2005, 11:34 AM
Thank you for images.Just what excepted.I suppose not possible with overhand cast-just spey and 14-15 " rods
Every one must think and evaluate if the goal is BIG salamon or normal salamon/marvelous nature.From my point of wiew salar fishing consists of those parts:
Beatiful salamon in beatiful surrondings.
With trash,pollution ,depressive villages may be fisherman become a little negative.(that can may be adjusted with russian vodka by nighttime Murmansk?)
Any way may be I try one week in Kola river next year in June (or Rhynda).
It`s not so far anyway from my homewaters (Alta river) It`s possible to drive by my own car all the way.
I read that "wrke" mentioned in the fall, they get a second run of fish called Osenkas, Atlantic salmon that can also be very large.
In Norway we also have a second run of fish in fall by they do not spawn in the river. Just return to the sea in spring and stay one year in sea and then return.

In Ponoi and the rivers south of that they have a second run and they stay 1 year ,spawn and go back to the sea the year after.
So all russians rivers have the Osenkas?

09-05-2005, 10:58 AM
I`ve received an offer :Week round with hotel accommodation of city of Murmansk and delivery every day to a place of fishing (one hour) at us costs 1200 euros from the client (the license, the guide on 2-3 person, the Transfer, a meal, residing) " Tranpsort to Murmansk not included

The company have no residence.Just by car ,fishing in 4 different zones .
1st from Zolotaya Yama in settlement Molochnyi up to the flow with the whole distance 2 km.

2nd from settlement Kildinstroi (15 km from Murmansk) till settlement Shongui (25 km from Murmansk).

3d from settlement Magnetit (35 km from Murmansk) from the beginning with the distance 50 km.

4th appendix of the river Kola Kitsa.

SO-what do readers mean about that?

09-05-2005, 03:58 PM
The Kista river flows into the Kola at a large junction type pool that I fished- it is one of the best pools on the Kola river. the Kista had a white water kyack tournement the week I was there to let you know the type of rapids that the salmon must get through at the mouth of the Kista ( which is why the salmon wait at the junction pool for a bit). The Kista has a pretty good run itself based on what I could pick up from the guides.

A mention of spey casting vs overhead casting was brought up also. A fair amount of the fishing was from small rubber boats that I would do a spey cast initially to get the fly out of the water ( large 2 inch brass tubes with heavy sink tip or sinking line) and in position, then I would do an overhead cast for distance. Some fishermen did all spey casting. On the beats you could wade I did mostly spey, but you could overhead, again once you got you fly/line out of the water.

I included a pic of the boat. This was pretty bad, my boat had 47 holes in it that had been patched. If you fly hit the boat, you had to paddle to the shore and immediately patch it ( My fly never hit the boat luckily). This is just another bit of excitement for your Russian fishing dollar.

Tight Lines,

Jim Y

09-11-2005, 10:24 AM
If you are interested in having a good chance at landing big Salars then the Northern rivers company is your best bet. I have just returned from the Rynda and we caught many over 20 and a one 32lb. This was in August but your best bet at 30lb + would be in June or at the back end when the Osenkas arrive. One of out party did hook an estimated 40lb + fish. We saw many fish in the 20/30 pound bracket. I would say the average is around 15 on the Rynda and about 17-18 on the Kharlovka and East Litza.