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Ste-Marguerite (Saguenay) July 28th (let's all do a rain Dance)

07-29-2005, 09:34 AM
Back last night, .... Ok, ... Everyone together ... Let,s do a rain dance :(

The river here is starting to get extremely low and no rain in the forecast for the next 10 days.

At least the night time air temps come down to about 6-7 deg (cel). so the morning water temps are under 58. By mid afternoon, ... the water in Glass Pool was 65 deg (f). (don't ask me why I mesure air in cel, ... and water in f. ;))

Salmon are there, ... they just have been there a while. Fresh from the salt salmon are (were) in Glass pool,.... those along the #2 zone and the ##48-49 pools have seen a few flies this year. ;)
some friends hanging out in the #48 slick.

Ste-Marguerite Salmon aren't the MONSTERS of the Gaspé or NB, ... :) so the biggest ones in this little photo are guestimated at about 22-25 lbs.

As on many rivers, ... there was plenty of action "yesterday, ... you should have been there".

Sea run Brookies are holding in the usual haunts up and down the #4 zone.

Note to those who visit, ... try to fish to trout in the seam and current, ... those laying up in the backeddies are "resting". Don't bother them there!