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Ste-Marguerite (Saguenay) July 24th

07-27-2005, 09:52 AM
Got back yesterday morning.

I showed so new friends around the river sunday afternoon so they could choose a zone from monday.

Starting from the top, ... there were only a few adult salmon in the 5b zone (and I believe they have been there for 2 weeks already) ... there were several dozen sea run brookies in the #3 though.

The river level is low, .. but not extreme.

In the 5a, ... Big Pool, ... there were (according to the Warden) 27 salmon (including some really nice SILVER grisle). Too many trout to count. Some of the adult salmon are simply MONSTERS!

Driving along the #4 zone and stopping at the usual hot spots, ... there are salmon and sea run brookies in ALL the appropriate runs and pools, ... except 50 and 49, ... as the river is a tad too low.

43, 47 and 48 were full (of fish, ... not anglers).

We spend the whole day in 47 - 48. I think these trout have seen a few flies this season already and we only got some good "looks". David H missed a few real take on White Rabbit Strip muddlers from a monster of a trout.

I (finally) got a Ste-Marguerite imitation of a nuclear submarine to come up for a #6 Brown Bird at sunset, ... but being the idiot that I am, ... I missed the 3 takes that she did.

On a bright side, ... the grisle are really active and Boris's mom take a nice 62.5 cm (yes we measured it SEVERAL times) on the ole faithful #24.

Hope you all are having as much fun on your homewaters as we are :)