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Mid-season Quebec fish count

07-22-2005, 10:17 AM
Hi folks
On 20th July the FQSA announced the results of the mid season fish count
Matane -already has 853 Salmon(Matane is a late run river)
Mitis-292+ 127 Grilse (excellent for this river)
Rimouski- 52
Matapedia+ Patapedia- fish catch way up from recent years(up by 1/3)
Grand Pabos Nord- 100
Pabos Ouest- 60 (10 last year)
Petite Pabos (laterun)- 30( this is really good news!)
Madeleine (relativey a late run river) 522
Dartmouth -650
Bonaventure- I'll personally attest to a decent run on this river :D
Petite Cascapedia- is this year's HOT river !
North Shore rivers have improved somewhat
Riviere aux Rochers-365 (of which 273 are 2+ MSW's)
Escoumins (run is reported late this year. First fish arrived on the 7th of July )-83
Saguenay region rvers are reporting increase in runs from recent years.
IMHO ,please don't let the low #'s of fish on some of the rivers alarm you or disuade you from giving them a try.For instance on the Pabos Nord ,the fish collect in only 3 pools and one a can arrive at the ZEC office drive up to one of the 3 pools drink a coffee,or ?, observe where the fish hold and cast your DRY fly ANY dry fly as long as it's a Brown Bomber :lildevl:

07-22-2005, 10:48 AM
Unfortunately I heard that there was a salmon kill of 26 fish because of recent high temperatures on the Grande Cascapedia. Earlier in the week air temp was 105 in the shade, over 110 in the sun.

07-22-2005, 06:57 PM

Thanks for the note.

Up here in the Saguenay, ... yup, .. numbers are better than the past few years, ... though not as good as before the returns seemed to have dropped off (pre-2002).

Then again, ... who needs 1000 salmon in a pool, ... all of them just slumbering there, ... when you can find 4 in a pool, ... and they're all "takers". ;)

Back to the water sunday, ... report to follow later in the week.

07-22-2005, 08:30 PM

Well, here it's a little crazy fishing.......practically everyday this week, some anglers were fishing sectors with 50 to 100+ fish, and guess who took the fly everyday...
With roughly 17% grlises presently in our rivers, those little excited, jumping young kiddos come from no where and grabbed the fly.

Must say, though, gees they are full of PeP and can make your heart beat!! :hihi:

Conditions are still low, but not so hot. rain would be a plus... ( they say yes on TV and no Online.... :confused: and it rained for awhile today (???) :confused:

Salar-1, just a little correction.
The actual counts are:
York - 879 salmon + 177 grilses
Dartmouth 670 salmon + 147 grilses
St-Jean count in 2 -3 weeks.

(Mississippi yesterday)


07-23-2005, 09:03 AM

Grisle, ... that's what we're hoping for too.

I have friends up tomorrow for the sea run brookies ... We'll hit most of the hot spots for these beauties. Neat part is when you're drifting a nice dry for brookies ....

and BANG !! Nice grisle on a #4 wt rod ;)

We're hoping for rain too. The water level (according to the Wardens) is "ok", ... the water temps are also "reasonable" (not so high as to cancel reservations) ...

Night time temps are cooling off, ... so water should be PERFECT.

"News at 11" ;)