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Miramichi Fishing Report

07-20-2005, 08:51 AM
I fished the Miramichi above Boisetown from July 13th through 16th. Water was a perfect height and temperature good, and very clear. The fishing -- as always -- was excellent, but the catching was not.

We arrived at 4pm on Wednesday, July 13th, and started fishing at about 6pm -- the perfect time for the evening fishing to begin. At about 7pm, I hooked what felt like a nice fish, but it got off before I could see it. That was the only fish I hooked. My fishing companion hooked one on Friday, but that was it for both of us. A third fellow who was fishing the same pool as we were hooked a 5 lb. grilse that jumped about 7 times before throwing the hook.

We did go down to the pool that I like to fish -- Big Hole -- but the daily fee has been increased from $450US to $600US for four rods. We sat around jawing with the guides at the pool for about an hour and saw about a fish every 90 seconds either jump, porpoise, or rise. They estimated the pool was holding about 1500 fish at the time. Fishing that pool will takle some planning, but I think we will do it next season.

We spent most of the mid-day scouting other public water, but found nothing too promising. The water we fished was farther up-river than I normally fish, but it looked good. I am told it is better in autumn.

Sad as it is, that's the report.

07-20-2005, 04:10 PM

Thanks for the "report".

Hey question, ... 600$ USD for 4 anglers, .... did that price include the Guide ??

I understand that NB waters require non-residents to use the services of a Guide. (I think).

07-20-2005, 04:32 PM
Nice report Smolt.

That pool sounds reminiscent of the Ridge Pool on the Moy in Balina, Eire.

Back in the 80's, through some local connections with the Moy Fishery, a couple of friends and I had that pool for the princely sum of 20 Irish Punts each for an 8 hour spell and that included the services of a ghillie! The June grilse run used to be outstanding.

Being in the middle of town, as you would expect, there is a fine Irish pub (Docherty's Ridge Pool Bar if I remember correctly) right next to the river and it was there that our Ghillie recieved his well earned tip :smokin:

07-20-2005, 04:47 PM

Your understanding that all non-residents in NB require a guide is correct, and the $600 fee does not include guides. I say "guides" because if all four rods are non-residents, two guides will be needed -- a maximum of three "sports" per guide. The trick is to find one resident with whom to fish.

While I have never seen a time after July 1 when that pool has not held fish, the fact that there are fish there in numbers does not mean any will rise to the fly. I have fished the pool many days in the past when no one caught a fish. It is, however, much better to know you are putting your fly over fish rather than just rocks.


07-20-2005, 06:33 PM
CK, ... LoL, ... Yup, ... it is a bit more "encouraging" when one KNOWS there are salmon in the pool.

Then again, ... I'll take 3 "interested" fish over a ton of sleepers.

The other weekend, ... there were perhaps 4-6 salmon in Glass pool up here and Boris Tremblay connected nicely to one.

Boris doing the honors, ... We'd rather do a quick clean release than get a good picture ;)

As for finding a NB resident to join the party, ... I know... A few crew members at my old office were saddened 'cause they lost their NB "resident" status after finding jobs in Quebec :)