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Gaspe Salmon
06-19-2005, 08:23 AM
Greetings anglers!

I thought that I would try to bring you all up to speed about how are season here has progressed. I have seen a lot of updates and info from the Gaspe area but nothing from this area. (Juro- I hope that this is o.k. to post this sort of info here, if not, tell me and I will refrain in the future).

Well the season started off very promising with some decent fish caught on the main river of the Cascapedia followed quickly with a few fish up in the Salmon and Lake branches. Unfortunately, the fishing has been fair to poor in the upper reaches since the 12th or 13th with only a very few fish released. Why? Heck if I know, but I can tell you what has happened since June 1. RAIN, followed by one week of 80+ temps, then back to rain and rain and rain and clouds and rain... Get the picture? Today things have changed and I think this will tell us the real story on the Cascapedia, Petite and Bonaventure. Moving from a low to a high pressure system and vice versa, usually stimulates the fish. Couple this with the influence of an oncoming full moon and if it is going to "happen" it will be this week and next!

Runs have been disapointing at best on the Bonaventure to date, with real spotty fish here and there on the upper stretches. Most of this fish have been in the 10-14 range. We did manage to get into 3-fish day before yesterday but saw only 5 all day. Yesterday we saw two and released one. That is not what I would consider awesome fishing but that is our reality to date. I floated the Petite on opening day from Big Eddy to Melancon and saw a total of 2-fish at McGregor pool which is way up. Both fish were under 15 pounds. One of my friends is floating it today again.

As I said, the Bonaventure has realatively few fish but we should see a big whack of them coming in on this next moon. If not, we are screwed. Let's hope that the fish will come flushing into the rivers!

Reports out of Gaspe are varied. Some say there are a ton of fish, and some say it is ho-hum and spotty. I am not really sure what the deal is there... the general rule around here, at least with local anglers is when the fishing is good everyone gets tight lipped. The reason I am posting this is to try to give you all a sense of what is really going on.

The only bright spot seem to be the main river on the Cascapedia, which unfortunately, is a bit difficult to get on these days. It would seem that some days it is really hot and others it is a bit slow but there seems to be a lot of fish around although not a lot of big fish, most in the 15 pound range. My guess is that a lot of the bigger fish ran straight up on the May moon. I can back this up by telling you that we caught and saw fish in the upper branches very early this year. As a matter of fact, Alder Island is alreay producing some fish. That is the stretch just before the lake.

Here are your water levels and ave temps.

Cascapedia River: Perfect level, water is a bit dark but not muddy. Temps are ranging between 48 and 54 F.

Bonaventure: Perfect level for canoes, a bit tough to wade some spots, water is 95% clear and the temps 46-52 F.

Petite Cascapedia: Perfect canoe level, tricky wading, especially where the river has changed, which is almost everywhere. Water is 90% clear and very cold 44-48 F.

Will report back as soon as the fish start coming in a bit more. I will also give you news about the Nouvelle River soon.

Hope that this report will help all of you out!

Best to you all,

David B

06-19-2005, 02:10 PM
Hi Dave,
great report!!

I must say the situation is pretty well the same here in Gaspe.

They are coming in slowly and are not holding very long in the pools.

Some say the water temp is too cold ? Your Thoughts?

Some say since we are seeing seagulls diving for "capelin" at sea, they are feeding and not in a hurry to enter the rivers. (??)

Like you, I think the next moon will give the answer.

Were we too spoiled 2 years ago??? :roll:


have a great season Dave.

(Fishing is not only the catching. :) it's all what comes with it!!)

(Trout pool this morning..Mother and Son, first time Fly Fishing!!)

06-19-2005, 08:12 PM
Just a quick note from the Cascapedia River. :wink: Out clients have been fishing the main branch of the Cacscapedia since June 1 and the fishing hasn't been all that bad. We have landed 24 fish as of this morning and their sizes ranged from 15 - 45 lbs. Last season we were at 18 fish for the same timeframe. The water is at a perfect level, though the water is somewhat colored.

We have caught most of our fish on the A and C Sectors and the most productive flies have been the Magog Smelt, the Picasse, the Green Highlander, the Green Pearl and the Black Stone Fly is now starting to work its magic. All of the fish have been taken on #2/0, #3 and #2 flys.

Much to my delight :chuckle: MacGregor Pool has been producing fish for us again this year. The pool had changed alot last year after the flooding, but she is ounce again holding "taking" fish. Two days ago we took a 29 lb and 19 lb fish at MacGregor and there were at least 3-4 other fish jumping in the tail of the pool.

The weather has been pretty crappy as far as temperature and rain is concerned, but the camp only got shut out for two days. I suppose that it could have been worse.

So far today, we have three fish in camp, still waiting for the other guests to come in. We got a 41 lb male at Lower Jam on the A Sector last night.......Boy, I can't wait to get on the river myself and try out my new Bogdan - I must baptize it with a Cascapedia fish.

The guides are seeing more and more fish in the system and more fish are starting to hold in the pools - let's hope that this trend holds.

Tight Lines,

Micmac Outfitters

06-20-2005, 08:48 PM
Headed up there tomorrow, first fishing day on the 23rd . . . right after the full moon. As always, I look forward to many dance partners.

06-20-2005, 09:03 PM
Hi wrke,
Guess that moon is moving them in........ fresh fish (large fish) were seen entering numerous pools this evening....

Go Catch'em!!


06-22-2005, 07:37 AM
Judging by the radar at work last night,looks like Gaspe (except for up near Ann's territory) really got hammered with rain ! Heavy precip. from Perce to Sept isles then down to just east of Montreal !

06-22-2005, 12:00 PM
David, Thanx for the report.

I'll be out with the family starting the 23-24th and we'll give y'all a heads up on how the Ste-Marguerite is starting. :)

Guess that moon is moving them in........ fresh fish
That's what I'm hoping too ;)

High tides are running 16-18 feet in the Bay and will be less over the weekend. Here's hoping ...

Gaspe Salmon
06-27-2005, 09:21 AM
Hello All!

Here is a little update since my last post.

Fishing has picked up immensly on the Petite Cascapedia, the Bonaventure is getting better and the main river of the Cascapedia remains good to very good depending on the day and sector. The main river is fishing best, followed by the Lake and Salmon branches. All in all the season is starting to get better and better.

Water levels are dropping but are not critical. We could, however, really use some rain! Reports tell us that rain is on its way for Thurs and Fri of this week.

Water temps are between 50-59 on the Bonnie and Grande and about 48-54 on the Petite.

Trout fishing is just starting in the branches.

Nouvelle River has been a bit slow but should pick up soon.

Look forward to hearing about all the other rivers.

Rusty, thanks for the extra input (we gotta get out and fish soon),and Ann, thanks for the updates on the Gaspe Rivers and best to you this summer as well!

Best to you all,