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martin laub
05-29-2005, 03:01 AM

Iīm looking for some help: Itīs not so expensive anymore, to fly to inverness / scotland. and itīs also easy to hire a car, which is big enough to carry a rodcase.
and now the problems start: where and when to go?

I am thinking of september, because Iīm a beginner, have to improve my casting techniques and donīt want to freeze all the time.

the river spey sounds very good to me, because itīs not so far away from inverness. but I think, there are a lot of other rivers, maybe some more suitable for beginners?!

which river would you choose?


Willie Gunn
05-29-2005, 04:07 AM
September, the Spey season is close to finishing, there are a lot of fish in the river but most of them are coloured (close to spawning). They have seen every Cascade and Ali Shrimp possible, so a change in tactics often pays dividends.
Prices can be cheap, for the Spey. Look at
Also consider the Ness at Inverness the town water can be excellent but it is a hard fished water and unless you can throw a long line your chances are much reduced. Most of the locals are throwing 25+yds.

If you would like a guide for your trip, PM me my prices are very reasonable.