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salmon cages = less salmon run??

04-15-2005, 08:50 AM
i was talking to a couple older lads yesturday. they showed me a study that i guess was recently done on the salmon cages in the Bay of Fundy. It said something about when salmon migrate back to the breeding ground, they will rarely overtake or pass other salmon on there way up river. Therefore what is happening is when the salmon reach or get near the other salmon in the cages they are not going any further and this is a big reason why the St John River system in my aea sense the early 80's have not had much of a salmon run and now it is pretty much non existant. It also stated that in 1984 is when the salmon cages were introduced and ever sense then there has been a steady decrease in the population of salmon in the river system. i am sure there are other facters too, but is there any truth to this statement?

thanks, nate