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10-26-2004, 10:49 AM
Calling all salmon anglers

hi there guys just wanted to direct you guys (espescially anyone with interest in irelands ongoing problems with driftnetting or anyone who fishes there) to an orginisation which is gathering momentum in the fight to stop driftnetting as well as other issues. The web address is and i would ask that anyone who can could have a look and espescially irish anglers get behind these guys and spread the word as this past year was proof is any was needed that things are getting desperate in irish waters for our beautiful salmon. the site provides up to date information on what is going on with the orginisation and also how you can help (one of the ways is by sending the irish ministers an e-mail to register your disgust etc. there are links to their e-mail addresses on the site which makes it very easy to mail them, you can also donate etc. these guys are backed by Orri Vigfússon, Chairman OF THE North Atlantic Salmon Fund and thankfully for us _THEY MEAN BUSINESS!!

Tight lines guys and gals