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Two-Hander for Salmon River/Alantic In-Shore Double-Duty?

09-22-2003, 02:43 PM
Hi All,
I've recently moved back into the Northeastern US and am very interested in doing some salmon fishing on the "local" Salmon River. Additionally, I'll be spending more time fishing the Atlantic seaboard in search of our in-shore species (stripers, blues, weakfish, false albacore, and the like), mostly from shore. I've been reading up on two-handed rods on the forum and would like to build the rod over the upcoming Winter. If any of you with experience on the subject would be so kind, I'd like some recommendations as to which blanks would do well for 8- and 9-wt fishing, as well as a matching line. I have reels that can be used, so that's not an issue. My goal is to build a rod that I can perform overhead casting with to shoot plenty of line and thus cover more water, as well as not tire my arm(s) out after a day on the water. Thanks in advance for any information; I hope to jump in to this two-handed fishing soon...


09-27-2003, 07:27 AM

There has been a ton of development work done on two handed rods for in-shore duty by members of this group as you likely know because you have been around on the forum for a while.
Right now all that work is being finalized into something that might become a commercial product so I think discussion about it on the board may be limited for a while.

Your question is a great question and I wanted to respond so that you understand the lack of comments may just mean the folks who were developing something for in-shore work are less inclined to discuss it until they finish their project(s)

One more comment; I'm not sure personally that a rod can perform double duty for river and in-shore work adequately. My experience is that the surf rod and the river rod need different characteristics to work well. I would encourage you to make sure your prototype testing is extensive. Best of luck in the project

09-28-2003, 07:33 AM
Interesting discussion! :)

One thing to keep in mind is that a rod that spey casts well in a river is typically not going to be the optimum coastal overhand rod, and vice-versa.

I've watched a lot of people who missed this subtle distinction in their buying practices use traditional action spey rods on the beach, and when the wind, surf or big baits are the order for the day they are holding the wrong tool for the job.

Conversely with the rise in spey rod manufacturers many people have purchased stiff spey rods and struggled with their spey casting on rivers. That rod might have been great in the surf, albeit unnecessarily long.

A rod with authority to throw for distance into wind, over waves and heavier flies; stripping the entire line to tease the fly to shore and fighting big fish in sloppy surf... is not even close to being a sweet river spey rod that lofts a tight wedge over the pool. This is particularly true if you are spey casting on the river to fish where there is little backcasting room - that rod is quite different than a surf flyfishing rod. So in my humble opinion, the best tool for each of these situations is worlds apart.

But to answer your question, I think it's possible to find a rod that suits both purposes but it will be less than ideal in both applications, and the advantages will be reduced in each so that a single hander would be arguably just as good due to the compromises made to find the middle ground.

Admittedly, if a person fishes estuaries with currents and inlets, rivers with small flies and lighter lines, they could use the same rod for both applications of course. But enter the word "surf" and things change dramatically.

Jay -

Production samples ship to me tomorrow :smokin: Once completed final QA, production will begin.

FYI - I will need help getting the initial order investment together so am offering a special discount to early adopters in exchange for feedback and possible phone interview. This program is limited qty and time only, once dealers are signed up the program will end.

I'll provide details privately, just email me or PM to participate.

thanks Juro

09-28-2003, 09:27 AM
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