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Old 12-07-2002, 10:36 PM
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Question 2002 Accomplisments & 2003 Goals

The end of 2002 is upon us what have been your 2002 accomplishments and what are your goals for 2003 ?

Heres mine

2002 Accomplishments

- Purchased a spey rod, engineered its set up and began learning spey casting for great lakes steelhead and salmon in rivers and the surf.

- Joined fly fishing forumn in November 2001 and have gained much new knowledge from anglers around the world.

- Many new fly patterns were added to the fly arsenal, with some new materials, and tying techniques

- Got to do some small stream trout dry fly fishing again which brought me back to my boyhood days

- Established relationships with forumn members and learned some great technical fly fishing information

2003 Plans

- Fish some new great lakes rivers and possibly the PNW (to use up my probably almost worthless United airlines miles !

- Continue my spey fishing knowledge

- Look for 9/10 weight spey rod 13-14 ft max

- Upgrade my fast sink tips

- Learn to tie better spey flies and how to tie tube flies

- Meet in person some of the boards members

- Land a big summer run steelhead and lake run brown

- relax and enjoy the great outdoors along our great lakes and their tributaires chasing chromers.

- stay ahead of Fred Evans in numbers of fly fishing forumn posts , and keep Striblue within striking range.

Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Years to all of the forumns members and families.

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Old 12-07-2002, 11:06 PM
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Thumbs up goals

- relax and enjoy the great outdoors along our great lakes and their tributaires chasing chromers.

Couldn't have said it better.......
I'll join you on the Summer Run Goal. I have only tried a couple times, but, I haven't hit a summer run yet. I spend too much time on the other side of the state that time of year. Late nights+Mice+Browns=Fun

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Old 12-08-2002, 10:33 AM
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Coast2coast Flyfishaholic
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It's been a great year for sure!

I should really post when I have the time to do justice but here goes:


- without a doubt the #1 accomplishment was Big Brother Day. It was more than just a fishing or website day event, it was one of the most powerful experiences I've had in life. It was a goal of mine to find ways for the Forum to give something back to the community and we did that in spades - can't wait until next year!

- Next would be to successfully merge forces with Dana and the Speypages thanks to Sean Ransom who provided the technical muscle to pull it off

- migrate off the catastrophic disappearance of our old BB company onto vBulletin, who has been top-notch. Thanks again Sean!

- upgrade the server from the old plan to the current plan, once again thanks to Sean. Also, special thanks to our sponsors and members who donated to the cause - that made it all possible!

- I also wanted to attend sponsor Mark Bachmanns' Sandy Spey Clave, which I did this May. All I can say is "AMAZING!"

- I wanted to host Tyler and Brian for having hosted me in the past, although I did once sign over a freq. flyer ticket to Brian to say thanks for previous hospitality but this was Tyler's first trip to the northeast and man did he kick some butt out there on the flats!

- recorded another very solid season of sight fishing the flats under my wading belt, but most importantly confirmed a behavioral pattern of stripers on the bayside flats of Cape Cod that had become apparent in 2001.

- Become a better spey caster: it meant casting in every puddle, farm pond and slough on the east coast between trips to the west coast, but I definitely made some progress this year particularly off the left side. I also become very comfortable with the snake roll, which has become my strongest right bank cast.


- I wanted to have our new sponsor pages done, we have had many requests - but this is still in the works. I hope to make 2002 on it though.

- wanted to have the show fees earned in time for the pre-payment deadlines, but it's not looking good for New England.

- didn't get to the Carolinas for the fall albie fishing as I had hoped

- finally broke a 7-year streak of not getting skunked on steelhead trips out to the pacific northwest - during a short 2 rod-day trip where I lost one of the bigger steelhead I've hooked to a faulty leader, most likely a wind knot. I still think of that fish, and don't feel remorse but only respect for that fish and the end of the streak could not have ended in a better circumstance.

- Scotland. >sigh<

Goals for 2003:

- move to a dedicated server: VIDEOS support! More capacity (we're knockin' on the 92% level now). Of course this is higher costs but with thousands of members it's inevitable.

- new moderator program. More responsibility, big rewards where up until now it has been a title without a real purpose. Details will be announced.

- redesign the Forum site with new the sponsor pages added

- a shift toward fiscal maturity, perhaps business incorporation or tax exemption as a non-profit, one or the other. This limbo state is not going to work anymore.

- Big Brother Day II

- find the missing link on the flats

- Casting Clave, Spring Clave, Rhody, etc.

- fish for atlantics on the Gaspe, Margaree, Miramichi, or UK

- bronzeback clave or bust!

- more trout

- steelhead, steelhead and more steelhead despite the 3,000 miles of separation

- strengthen my weakest quadrant in spey casting: the right bank upriver wind scenario (left side single or snap-t, reverse snap or single, etc)
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Old 12-08-2002, 12:10 PM
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Big Brothers day was a kick.

Made the concerted effort on my "home waters" as planned. Had some very nice days in June and early July. Also observed some interesting striper behavior on the bayside, but at my skill level, they are just observations. I'll have to pick Juros brain.

After vacation time the last week of June first week of July had very limited fishing opportunities so I'd have to say the second half of the season was a bust. Also regret that I didn't do my homework and take advantage of opportunities during the family vacation cruise to Southeast Alaska.

Half time edits - Chatham was a bust for me. I missed the social stuff at the light and there were too few mornings of insult exchange between Striblue and Leon and company. Didn't get to do the mid week bluebird day trips to Monomoy as planned.

Fish my backyard more, especially in April and May. This area fished well right through the summer and I ignored it. Also might want to learn about catchin blue crabs.

Continue my education on my "home waters" in June and July.

Putz around in Barnstable harbor/Bass hole area.

Mid week Monomoy excursions in late July and August

False albie/bonito from shore in August or Sept. I've had the attitude that stripers are the main deal around here and "tunoids" are incidental by-catch. Will at least try to fish areas where these guys might show.

Got to go watch the Pats.
Fred A.

Last edited by FredA; 12-08-2002 at 01:36 PM.
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Old 12-08-2002, 12:26 PM
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I am still thinking it thought...but atleast for next year....figure out the Monomoy flats in the dead of summer,, keep tying, Keep CAC active, restock cigars and different coffees.... Focus on tuna.... make a trip to Harkers..... go back to some trout fishing...and start tying those flies.... Watch for my Second annual Useless fishing products..working on this now... out in January. Finalize swaps...meet everyone possible personally and have the usual great time flyfishing on my own or with the group.
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Old 12-08-2002, 01:05 PM
ashley ashley is offline
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This year I managed to fish abit more than last year,caught my first stripped bass and blue fish and took part in my first fly swaps.
Still failed to catch a salmon(water to low) and sea trout.
Next year I'll spend more time on cape cod,tie new flies and fish more.and maybe even catch a salmon and learn spey casting proper and not made up as I go along.:hehe:
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Old 12-08-2002, 02:34 PM
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Location: Berkshire County, MA
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Learned to flycast (sort of :hehe: ) and seldom used the spinning gear. I honestly had no desire to fish with the spinning gear, even when conditions made fly fishing difficult.

Broke my personal records for stripers and bluefish caught on artificials. That is, my best fly rod striper and blue were larger than any I had previously caught on spinning lures.

Figured out how to catch carp on the fly rod, without using any type of bait or scent to attract the fish.

Learned to tie several new types of flies and had good success with a couple of my "experimental" flies.

Made several new friends by attending formal and informal gatherings throughout the season.

Things I didn't accomplish and/or hope to accomplish next season:

Improve upon my fly casting skills.

Catch bonito and false albacore on the fly rod.

Learn more about trout fishing, particularly in streams and rivers.

Learn how to stack/spin deer hair.

Figure out how to get those mid-summer stripers to hit my flies.

Catch a fish that takes me deep into my backing despite my best efforts to prevent it from doing so. A few of the fish that I caught this year made it to the end of the fly line, but I was able to stop them with my heavy-handed fighting techniques.

Meet more Forum members and attend more of the organized events than I was able to attend last year.

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Old 12-08-2002, 06:17 PM
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Pencil me in.....
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Location: The Nearside of the Middleside
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First year with a fly rod

First striper with a flyrod was from a kayak in a river in early spring (I am nuts)

First year to break a flyrod

First year to deal with flyrod return policies

Bought a backup rod:hehe:

Met that fellow from the other board at the "creek"

Brought my wife and daughter to South beach on the first time I went on the shuttle. Needed help carrying the backup rod

found the forum (gave up online cribbage)

Met Fishhawk

then Striblue

then Penguin

then Fred A

and then the Doc and the Q

met Adrian at a Kenny A foray

great bunch of guys

bought another backup rod (can't pass up those deals)


Figure out what to do with all the flyrods:eyecrazy:

catch more fish on the flatzzzz

Share 30 years of largemouth spots on the cape on my bassboat with some flyrod friends
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Old 12-09-2002, 08:22 AM
John Desjardins John Desjardins is offline
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Location: Central MA
Posts: 1,839
Look ing at what I set out as my goals for 2002 .

Just 3 goals this year.
1. Fish more often.
2. Help my son catch a fish on a fly.
3. Make it to a rip trip.
#1: Somehow I succeeded in this one if 20 minutes at a clip count.

#2: Didn't succeed at this one, he likes the worms. Maybe next year.

#3: not even close

Oh well 0.333 would be a good batting average in baseball

Other accomplishments:
Started teaching my son to cast the fly rod.
I built a 3 wt rod for panfish & trout.
Managed to only step into deep doo doo over fishing with the wife twice.
Discovered a couple of honey holes on a local river for warmwater fish.

Goals for 2003:

Same as 2002 with a couple of additions:
Take my 2 year old out fishing.
More salt water fishing.
Make a clave, & meet more people.
Get a canoe.
John Desjardins
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Old 12-09-2002, 08:45 AM
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Dble Haul Dble Haul is offline
Fly chucker
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Location: New England
Posts: 3,674

1. Met many more Forum members.
2. Thanks to Roop and Bob, my first Cape excursion was memorable.
3. Really ramped up my tying, with a station that allows me the comfort and space to crank out dozens of flies at a time when needed.
4. Found more shore spots in CT and RI.
5. Found a great quarry pond one mile from home.
6. Found several nice trout streams that seem to be away from the crowds.
7. My wife continues to dabble in flyfishing and tying, which continues to entertain me.
8. Kept learning about looking at the big picture when trying to pattern fish.....if you're too close and focused on certain behaviors, you might miss something obvious.


1. Never really gave myself a legitimate shot at hooking up with a bonito or albacore.
2. Missed the Marlboro show because of illness.
3. Family obligations (weddings, graduations, etc.) put my fishing time at a premium. I only fished about half as much as I normally do over the course of a season.
4. Didn't connect with as many pike as I would have liked.

2003 goals:

1. Catch bonito/albacore on a fly.
2. Make it to the Rip (weather permitting )
3. Address any weaknesses in my casting and tying so that they can improve and compliment my strengths in those same areas.
4. Get more site sponsors.
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Old 12-09-2002, 10:00 AM
Smolt Smolt is offline
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Except for buying my first spey rod and reel -- with a line kindly sent to me by Fred Evans -- and participating in a great shrimp fly swap, 2002 was pretty much a zero for me.

2003, however, is going to be another story. I plan on:

1. learning to use the spey outfit;

2. getting back East to fish Maine stripers and New Brunswick and Quebec for atlantic salmon; and

3. hooking up with PMFLYFISHER to learn a little about GL steelhead fishing.

If I accomplish those three objectives, and catch a fish or two, I will be a happy camper.
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Old 12-16-2002, 07:02 PM
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pmflyfisher pmflyfisher is offline
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Wow, Freds loaning spey lines to GLs fly fishers now thats a new one but I guess if I had an unlimited supply I would also.

You may want to pick your self up one of the new GLs steelhead books which they have at Borders stores here in Chicago to get a jump on the GL steelhead learning curve. Let me know if you want some recommendations.

PM Out
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Old 12-17-2002, 05:25 AM
FishHawk FishHawk is offline
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Found new yak spots on Bayside.

Catching on to flats fishing . Had a nice lesson from the Ironman.

Highlight of season hooked an albie while fishing with StriperMike.


Trout fish on the off tides.

Fish Delaware . Get to know it.

Fish for Albies .

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Old 12-17-2002, 08:09 AM
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pmflyfisher pmflyfisher is offline
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Location: Upper Mid West - Great Lakes Tributaries
Posts: 3,165

Ahhh yes the Delaware was one of my favorite trout, smallmouth, and shad rivers growing up in northern NJ. Some great memories on this big and long river. Good luck in your adventures there you will enjoy it.

PM Out
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Old 12-17-2002, 08:33 AM
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Rediscovered fresh water after a lay-off of almost 10 years - great fun with smallies, tight lipped carp and late season trout hatches on the Housatonic.

Being part of the Big Brother day - fantastic.

Spending the day with Lefty Kreh the same week-end as Big Brother day - discovering that all of the 'cheaper' rods in my basement can throw 100ft +

First Tarpon - 65lb in Exuma

"Discovering" the surf zone - I may be changing my nickname in 2003!

Bought a kayak and paddled to the end of South Beach and across to N. Monomoy to wade-fish the flats

Discovered Joizey - thanks Doc! (guess where I'll be in March )

Albies from the shore at Quonnie

and for 2003 ..........

Crack the shore fishing on Kauai and write about it - (serious efforts planned for April)

Spend more time in the surf zone

Spend more time in Joizey

Spend more time on the flats - (only made it two days the whole of 2002).

Get out in the yak more and discover new shore opportunities in CT.
When sight fishing, look over your shoulder from time to time, you never know who's behind you
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